Apple shares hit record high after major iOS and chip announcements’s MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the top business news headlines of the day. On today’s show, tech editor Steve Kovach breaks down Apple’s top WWDC news on Monday and explains the growing frustrations of the developer community with Apple’s app store. Plus, a deep dive into five charts that tell the story of the coronavirus economic recovery.

This is what you missed:

This is all Apple has just announced: iOS 14 will give iPhones a new home screen, removing Intel chips and more.

Apple announced new software for its iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TV and Apple Watch on Monday. He also said that future Macs, including one that will be released later this year, will use chips made by Apple instead of Intel.

Apple said Intel’s transition will allow the company to offer faster performance on its laptops and desktops.

Apple also introduced iOS 14, the latest version of iPhone software, which includes updates such as the ability to configure a default email or browser application, a redesigned home screen, and new lightweight software programs called “App Clips.”

Here are five charts that track how the U.S. economy is recovering from the coronavirus.

With states continuing to lift coronavirus restrictions, people in the US USA They have been more comfortable traveling, taking traffic, eating, and even moving to a new home.

Improvement in the travel and restaurant industries, as well as in the housing market, could indicate that a broader economic recovery is on the horizon even though the pandemic is still ongoing.

Nasdaq jumps to Apple-led record on longest winning streak since December

The Nasdaq Composite hit a new record Tuesday with Apple leading the biggest tech names as investors applauded a slew of announcements from the tech giant’s World Developers Conference.

The heavy technology index closed 0.7% higher at 10,131.37, reaching its eighth consecutive daily gain. That marks Nasdaq’s longest winning streak since December, when it advanced for 11 straight sessions.