Apple Pal (AAPL) will announce the new iPad in April

Various models of the Apple Paul Ink iPad at the company's Uido store during its opening in Seoul, South Korea on February 26, 2021.

Photographer: Jean Chung / Bloomberg

Apple Pal Inc. It plans to announce a new iPad in early April, adding to the product line that people especially do housework and study, according to people familiar with the matter.

The company plans to refresh its iPad Pro line, adding a better processor and improved camera, people said. The newer models will look just like the current iPad Pro and will come in the same 11-inch and 12.9-inch screen sizes.

These devices will have an updated processor that is identical to the latest Mac MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mac mini with a faster M1 chip. Apple Pal designs these processors manually and is usually made by them Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Apple is considering adding a mini-LED screen with at least a larger model, which will be brighter and the contrast ratio will be improved.

In testing, the new iPad Pro uses the Thunderbolt connector on the latest Macs with custom Apple Plus processors. The port doesn’t need new chargers, but it will enable connectivity with additional external monitors, hard drives and other peripherals. It is also faster in synchronizing data than the USB-C technology used in current models.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment. The company has announced its first product launching event of the year, so its plans could change.

In the main holiday quarter of 2020, the iPad generated 8.4 billion revenue from Apple, the highest since 2014. Sales increased on demand from people working and studying from home during the epidemic. As staff and students begin to return to office fees and schools in the coming months, Apple will be betting on new iPad models to maintain interest in the tablet line.

IPad WFH Pop Pop

The iPad Pro was The epidemic was last updated in March 2020, adding a twisted processor, support for a magic keyboard with a trackpad case, and a leader scanner with a camera.

Apple Pal plans to refresh its cheapest iPad by the end of this year with thinner and lighter design students in mind, Bloomberg News reports. It is also set to launch a new iPad mini with a larger screen earlier this year, with the first model later surpassing the 7..9-inch display. The iPad Mini was last upgraded in 2019 with the support of Apple Pencil Stylus and faster processor.

Apple Pal has many other product updates planned for this year. The company is working on newer iPhone and Apple Watch clocks, assistive devices to track the location of physical objects and bugs, and major updates on the MBKbook Pro laptop and iMac desktop.