Apple optimizes iMessage with pinned contacts, mentions and online responses

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Apple presents Messages for iOS 14 with the new Memoji



Apple is bringing changes to the messages.


Apple announced a wide range of changes for the next version of its iPhone software, iOS 14, Monday during their annual World developer conference. Among them are some crucial additions to Messages, your local messaging app. TO WWDC 2020The company showed the work it has been doing to strengthen its messaging app, which will be available through the new iOS update later this year. Messaging apps are a competitive market, and arguably Apple had a lot of work to do to catch up with rivals like WhatsApp. He’s also had a busy year, seeing more messages sent than ever before, as well as more people using group messages.

The first big change is that you can now pin your favorite contacts to the top of the app so you can access your most important conversations faster and easier. You will see new messages as they enter with an animation on the pin.

Apple is also eager to help you bring order to the chaos of your group messages. Online replies will allow you to reply specifically to a message or person, and you can view them as part of a larger conversation or in individual conversations. Writing down someone’s name in the group will also tag them directly in the group conversation. You can choose to only be notified of new messages in the group when their name is mentioned.

At the top of the group’s chat, the icon, which is now fully customizable, will be surrounded by images of the people in the chat, most recently most prominently represented with whom they were active. If you like to use Apple’s Memoji as your personal avatar, you’ll also be happy to know that the company has introduced new Memoji customization options, including facial masks.

For more changes to iOS 14 and other Apple software, be sure to check CNET full WWDC coverage.