Apple lowers the price of Paul earpods by $ 10 now they are not included with the iPhone

Apple Play today unveiled its iPhone 12 lineup, and all four models reportedly ship without earpods or power adapters in the bucks. As of today, the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone SE will no longer include these accessories.

Apple Play’s website encourages customers to use their existing Apple Paul power adapters and headphones or to purchase these accessories separately, and to help offset the cost, Apple Play has now reduced the price of its earpods from ડ 29 to ડ 19 with Lightning Connector. Apple’s new 20W power adapter for the iPhone has also been released at 19D, which is below the 29D for the 18W power adapter, which has been discontinued from now on, with the iPhone 11 lineup included so far.

Apple Play focused on the environmental benefits, including power adapters with earpods or iPhones, noting that the move reduces carbon emissions and avoids rare-earth mining and use. As a result of the iPhone 12 models shipping even in thinner boxes, Apple claims that it can fit 70 percent more iPhone boxes on a plate during shipping.

Apple Play added that many consumers have switched to wireless headphones such as AirPods, and said there are more than two billion power pulse power adapters in the world, indicating that many consumers no longer need these accessories.

Last month, Apple launched the Pulse Watch 6 and Apple Plus Watch SE without power adapters in the box, so it’s not surprising that iPhones claim. However, all iPad models for now are bundled with power adapters in the bucks.