Apple benefits from the tile game (NASDAQ: AAPL)

Loup Ventures intervenes in Apple’s formal announcement (NASDAQ: AAPL) about the transition from Intel chips to its own Apple silicon for Mac.

“Apple’s track record with the A series of chips for iPhone and iPad should instill confidence. Beyond the performance benefits per watt, Apple has demonstrated its ability to deliver differentiated hardware capabilities such as Secure Enclave for privacy-focused features, machine learning on the device, and better power management. “

“We hope that custom Apple silicon on the Mac will unlock a host of new capabilities that will separate the Mac from Windows-based computers with features that PC makers can’t match. IPhones, iPads, and even Macs have increasingly introduced silicon. Custom Apple, such as the Apple T2 security chip with the Secure Enclave coprocessor for better, faster, and more secure authentication (Touch ID, Face ID, Apple Pay, and many other services that work on Apple devices without storing personally identifiable data on the cloud) “.

Financially, Apple is expected to save on costs at scale.

Apple’s first silicon Mac will launch later this year, and the company expects the transition to take two years.

Apple’s shares have dramatically outperformed in the past year.