Apple begins approving early developers for Apple Silicon Mac mini Transition Kit

During his inaugural WWDC speech yesterday, Apple officially outlined the roadmap for its transition from Intel processors on the Mac to new Apple Silicon chips. This roadmap includes a Transition Kit Developer hardware program, and early adopters are now being accepted into this program.

Through the Developer Transition Kit hardware and the Universal App Quick Start Program, developers will receive a Mac mini powered by Apple’s A12Z processor with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage. The program costs $ 500 and developers must return Mac mini hardware in the end.

However, when a developer is accepted into the program, they must accept a strict confidentiality document. In the agreement, Apple specifies that developers cannot write or publicly review the Developer Transition Kit, including the Mac mini with Apple Silicon technology:

The Developer Transition Kit is considered confidential Apple information under its Developer Agreement. You agree not to publicly write or review the Developer Transition Kit, or share it or display it to anyone other than Your Authorized Developers, without Apple’s prior written approval (including by email).

You can find the full Universal App Quick Start Program and Developer Transition Kit agreement here. Apple announced yesterday at WWDC that the first Mac mini kits will begin shipping to developers starting this week.

Actually, this agreement is very similar to the standard developer agreement, which technically describes that you are not allowed to speak publicly about things like beta versions of iOS. Of course, Apple doesn’t really apply this guide, as almost everyone talks publicly about beta versions of iOS as they launch.

It remains to be seen whether Apple strictly enforces this nondisclosure agreement for the Universal Application Quick Start Program and Developer Transition Kit, but we don’t expect many developers to be at risk. However, somehow, a Mac mini with the A12Z is ​​likely to end up in the hands of someone willing to share; at that time, we will have all the details.

Developers can order the Universal App Quick Start Program and Developer Transition Kit through the Apple Developer Website.

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