Apex Legends developers respond to fans asking for more Legend benefits

Two Apex Legends developers have responded to calls for Bangalore, Lifeline, and Revenant to receive benefits, noting they’ve thought about it, but there will be nothing soon.

As Respawn Entertainment continues to update Apex Legends throughout the new seasons, the legends are modified with different perks and nerfs. Most recently, Lifeline, Octane, and Crypto stood out in the Lost Treasures Collection Event update with their benefits.

However, since players have their favorite legends, they want to see their chosen character with a little love. They will regularly present ideas, either directly to developers or only on social media. As new changes have already been requested, two Respawn members have stepped forward to answer some questions.

Respawn Entertainment

Lifeline received a huge advantage in the recent Apex Legends update.

Jason McCordThe Apex Legends Design Director answered a question about Bangalore, possibly receiving a benefit in the coming weeks, however, noting that nothing is coming soon.

“Listening to a lot of comments from Bangalore lately. She made us talk about it, “she published. “Nothing in the books, but we listen to you!”

As for Lifeline and Revenant, Daniel Klein asked questions about their possible benefits.

The Respawn developer noted that Revenant has seen an increase in the win rate after its recent changes, as its maximum ability is now working as intended.

In Lifeline’s case, she is also moving up in the win ranking, and the developers had different ideas for reviving her DOC drone. However, they were not used and Klein added that he believes there is no room for benefit to anyone at this time.

Obviously, as the fifth season unfolds, the lack of profit could change, especially if a legend is overpowered and overused.

We just have to keep an eye on what Respawn decides to do when it comes to rolling out updates.