Antonio Brown fits in with the Seahawks; Chase Young’s promise

Given those circumstances, and considering the position he plays, Adams could eventually be the odd man for the Jets, despite his impeccable resume. Please note that safety devices are not considered essential elements in most exploration circles. Safes, in particular, are rarely considered impact players despite their ability to rack up tackles, sacks, loss tackles, forced fumbles, pass breaks, and intercepts while playing as a pseudo linebacker inside the tackle box. .

Evaluators often leave safes aside during the evaluation process due to the increased emphasis on aerial play and the generation of turnovers, particularly interceptions. That’s why hawks like Eddie Jackson and Kevin Byard had no trouble getting new deals from their original teams in the past two seasons, while boxing players like Tyrann Mathieu and Landon Collins were forced to go somewhere else to get paychecks that match your output.

I understand the fascination with ball hawks, but to me, safes are more valuable than ever, with defenses tasked with defending mobile quarterbacks while using nickel defenses. Box-type security devices play as linebackers in those schemes, with defensive calls offering more security attacks and out-of-bounds dogs.

Adams plays that role with the Jets in Gregg Williams’ ultra-aggressive defense. He wanders the entire defensive front, bragging and blitzing from all angles. He attacks ball carriers in the hole while terrorizing quarterbacks as a surprise runner from the second level. The role is perfect for his diverse game, and helped him play at the gold jacket level in 2019, his first year on the system. That fact was not lost on Williams, who spoke brilliantly of his star defender during a conference call with reporters this week.

“I think his world,” said Williams. “I’ve had a chance to coach a lot of really good players. Some who are already in the Hall of Fame. And many others who are going to the Hall of Fame. And you will have a legitimate chance to stay healthy being one of those guys later on. we will all be talking about. “

Given Williams ‘sentiments, it would appear that Adams is an integral part of the Jets’ revival, but GM Joe Douglas will ultimately determine if the All-Pro stays and receives the raise he wants.

“I have made it known that … the plan would be for Jamal to be here in the long term,” Douglas said during a pre-draft conference call with journalists in April. “I have also made it known that I have to do what is best for the team.”

On Friday, Jets coach Adam Gase declined to discuss Adams’ contract and trade requests with reporters, but said he wants Adams to remain with the team.

“It is no secret that Jamal was not involved (in the off-season show),” said Gase. “We have to get to a place where we can get him back to the right place and go.”

Adams certainly deserves a new contract with a steep pay rise as an All-Pro player, but this business doesn’t care about justice or sentiment. The Jets are not required to reward Adams for his play, and there is not much he can do to force his hand.