Anthony Davis plans to reject the player option and re-sign with the Lakers

Anthony Davis, who has. 28,751,774 players are an option, he said he has no idea about free agency.

But everyone knew Davis – he always wanted to join the big market team, represented by LeBron James’s agent (wealthy Paul), who came from the championship – would be with the Lakers.

We are starting to see how its mechanics are.

Athletic Shams Sharania:

Davis plans to exit his .7 28.7 million player option and re-sign with the Lakers, sources said. Athletic.

Davis can name its price. His maximum salary will only be less than his player-option amount if salary income. Below 95,839,247. It seems Too much Impossible.

The big question: How long will Davis sign?

It can re-sign for up to five years. That would be the easiest way to long-term security.

But it can favor short deals for a number of reasons:

  • The 27-year-old is a superstar. Davis will order the maximum contract for the near future. It can maintain relief with minimal risk (although not risk).
  • The maximum starting salary is based on league-wide income, and the increase in a multi-year contract is about 8% of the first year’s salary. Daryl Morey’s tweet in support of Horikong’s opponents has led to a decline in NBA revenue due to issues including the coronavirus epidemic and the fall in China. If he wants to stay in Los Angeles for the long haul, Davis will be offered a multi-year deal once his income increases.
  • LeBron could be a banned free agent in 2021 and has expressed a desire to jump from team to team. The Lakers ran out of assets to pair LeBron and Davis. Davis probably wouldn’t have stuck with the supporting cast if he had left LeBron.