Answers OYO Quiz May 12, 2020 – What’s cooking?


Answers OYO Quiz May 12, 2020 – You are interested in Oyo Q Quiz & Searching May 12th I heard answer questionnaire? this website will help you get hey paytm quiz answers. friends, we update our hey maybe Correct answer very quickly.

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How to Play OYO Quiz May 12 –

1. Download OYO application From Google Play Store or Apple Store.

2. Open and log in to the OYO application.

3. Go to the home page and scroll down and you will see “Learn a little and earn a little with Oyo Q“Banner, touch it.

4. Now simply touch the Home tab to play the quiz.

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OYO Quiz May 12, 2020 Answers


Do you know what is the first hospital train in the world? This question is mandatory.

Answer 1: Lifeline Express

At a historic moment in September 2009, ISRO Chandrayaan-1 in India, using its Moon Mineralogy Mapper, detected water on the moon for the first time.

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Oyo Quiz Old Answers

Which of the following is not a berry? * *

Answer 1: strawberry

What is the term to add salt and spices to food? This question is mandatory.

Ans: seasoning

The sauce you are using has become too watery, what is the best way to thicken it?

Answer: add cornstarch or flour

What is the blanching cooking process? This question is mandatory.

The answer is: blanching or dipping a vegetable or fruit in boiling water before putting it in cold or frozen water

What is the only food that melts at body temperature?

The answer is: chocolate

Can you identify this kitchen tool?

> The answer is: Whisk

A whisk is kitchen equipment used to mix ingredients or to incorporate air into a mixture, in a process known as whipping or whisking.

Pedology is the study of

The answer is: soil

Pedology is derived from the Greek words pedon which means “soil” and logos which means “study”. It is the study of soils in their natural environment, especially their formation, nature and classification.

Which country is also known as Persia?
Answer: they will go

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3. Each winner will be informed through an application notification and an email.
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– Users who have exceeded Paytm’s monthly wallet limit.