Anji Mito gameplay trailer released for Giltit Gear Strive

ABS is back in town

It’s time to ring in the new year and with that comes Anji Mito’s birthday on January 1st which is of course the perfect time to celebrate a little in the world of guilt gear.

Arc System Works has definitely agreed and they have now released a gameplay trailer for Anji as she will be appearing in Guilty Gear Strive with these abs and fans you can expect in this festival.

Appearing first with the release of GGX 20 years ago, Mito fights using its Zasen fans and traditional Japanese dance steps that give a full return to Strive.

As one of the few Japanese left in the world, Anji is both a wanted man to escape from their colonies and steal Zasen, becoming one of the sacred treasures like the swords of Sol and Quni.

Anji Mito Gameplay Trailer Image # 1

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Anji Mito Gameplay Trailer Image # 9

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Those who have recently returned to play Accent Core will probably notice the full compliance of Anji’s animation, which is not surprising given that this is the first fight in the field of these three dimensions.

Most of his attacks seem to be intact, however, we’ve gotten to see his fusion many times over, though, we just have to see what’s going on for him right now.

One step that is very noticeably missing right now is his castomps that provided him with a lot of pressure and mixing circumstances, so it’s a shame if he doesn’t return to the strive.

Anji also clearly keeps her butterfly projectile and overall aesthetics as she can’t be with the guard mechanic’s counter mechanic, which is also seen a few times.

The Gilt Gear Strive is set to release worldwide on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on April 9, 2021, although players can get access a few days early by pre-ordering the Deluxe / Ultimate Edition.

Although there is no character teasing / revelation as to the identity of the final member of Strive’s roster, Archies finally confirms that the next announcement will come in February 2021, you can check out the new trailer below.