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Apple WWDC 2020 home screen widgets

This week in Apple News we have heard a lot about new software for many of the Apple products available today. This is because this week was the start of the World Developers Conference (WWDC), so we learned about the new features that will reach the next generations of Apple operating systems.

While this week was dominated by WWDC, other things happened in the Apple world. In other Apple news, we hear that a new iMac is coming very soon, Apple will give developers a little more power with products on the App Store, new information related to a possible new HomePod, and more!

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The main news from Apple from last week:

  • All kinds of announcements on WWDC: The WWDC 2020 keynote happened on Monday. During that event, Apple announced so many new features for its various operating systems that it took nearly 3,000 words to cover it all. You can read our full summary here.
  • iOS 14 has many Android features: The next version of iOS 14 will incorporate a lot of new, well, new features for iPhone users, anyway. Android users are already used to most of them, including home screen widgets, changing default apps, app library, picture-in-picture mode, and more.
  • New iMac on the way, but with Intel processor: According to frequent Apple filter Ming-Chi Kuo, we can expect a new iMac later this year with a completely new design. The design is likely very reminiscent of the design of the iPad Pro. However, the iMac probably won’t come with the newly announced Apple silicon and instead come with an Intel chipset.
  • The iPhone 12 series may not have a charger in the box: Although we are very, very skeptical of this rumor, Barclays analysts have suggested that at least some of the upcoming iPhone 12 series phones will ship with no earphones or charger in the box. Instead, there will only be one Lightning to USB cable. We totally agree with the bit without headphones, but without charger? We do not buy it.
  • Apple offers more tools for developers to defend themselves: With recent high-profile news related to Apple’s handling of the email app Hey, it seems bad public relations is changing the tune for the company. Now Apple will empower developers to challenge App Store guidelines and voice their complaints about what some call a monopolistic company.
  • More fuel added to the new HomePod fire: Apple has yet to introduce a follow-up to its only smart speaker, the HomePod. However, you are now inviting some people to try the new HomePod software. HomePod software is typically tested in-house, so this is an interesting development that might suggest a new addition to the HomePod line-up.
  • iOS 14 exposes TikTok access to clipboards: Thanks to a new privacy feature in iOS 14 that alerts users when apps access their clipboard content, we now know that TikTok has been accessing users’ clipboards for a long time. TikTok claims this was to prevent spam behavior, although it quickly removed access after being caught.
  • Apple begins closing stores in the United States, because viruses don’t just stop: In recent weeks, Apple had begun reopening many of its stores in the United States, even with all the data pointing to the COVID-19 pandemic being far from over. Now Apple is re-closing some of the stores it just opened, including many of the Florida and Texas locations.

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