Andrew Cuomo’s ridiculous order for outsiders to quarantine

Anyone coming to New York from a state with an increasing rate of coronavirus infection must voluntarily quarantine themselves, and mandatory “volunteering” is just the most obvious nonsense here.

This is classic Andrew Cuomo, down to the fig leaf provided by the Connecticut and New Jersey governments that issue the same order, but unpretentiously enforce it.

Just two months ago, Governor Cuomo almost declared war on Rhode Island after his governor announced similar rules for New York travelers. But with the shoe on the other foot, it is still moralizing.

“We have to make sure that the virus doesn’t get back into an airplane,” Cuomo sniffed at a press conference. If that is the objective, why not make tests or temporary controls of each arrival?

But Cuomo wants to play hard, in fact, play Big Brother: “You fly to New York, we’ll have your name, we’ll know where you’re supposed to be,” Cuomo told CNN. “There will be random checks” and “we will have inspectors who will randomly see the names in the [flight lists] and track to make sure you’re quarantined. And if he is not, then he is breaking the law, he will have a mandatory quarantine and he will be fined ”: $ 10,000.

How many resources will the state throw in that savage chase? Enough to find some slaughtered lambs, perhaps, but not enough to achieve broad compliance.

This is blatantly about his enmity with Florida: For years, Cuomo has been fighting with Sunshine State governors over everything from taxes to business climate and pandemic politics.

It particularly hurts him that Florida did a much better job of protecting nursing home patients from the coronavirus than New York. So now that Florida is seeing an increase in COVID-19 rates, Cuomo launches.

However, it has opened up a big loophole: Major League Baseball players are exempt from the quarantine order, with Health Commissioner Howard Zucker ordered to find a way to let them play. Which is pretty easy since MLB plans to do extensive player testing for everyone’s safety.

But “I was put to the test” will not be enough for any ordinary citizen who meets government trackers.

It adds to a large amount of evil just so Cuomo can earn points in a grudge match.