Amber Heard addresses Johnny Depp court case ‘incredibly painful’

An emotional Amber Heard spoke to a UK court on Tuesday of the “incredibly painful” case that collected the “most traumatic and intimate details” of her volatile marriage to Johnny Depp.

When the explosive three-week trial came to an end, the 34-year-old “Justice League” actress said she supported her testimony in the defamation case that the Hollywood superstar had beaten her more than a dozen times. during their relationship.

Standing in front of the London High Court, she was booed and booed with cries of “Justice for Johnny”, while Depp was cheered and delivered flowers when she left with a big smile almost an hour later.

The 34-year-old actress suggested that the case, in which Depp sued The Sun newspaper for calling him a “handcuff puncher,” was a waste of UK taxpayers’ money in declaring their “faith in British justice.”

“I traveled here to the UK to testify as a witness to help the court,” Heard said shortly after the summary was over, his voice breaking at times.

“After getting a restraining order in 2016 and finalizing my divorce, I just wanted to get on with my life. I did not file this lawsuit, and despite its importance, I would have preferred not to be here in court, ”she said.

“It has been incredibly painful to relive the breakdown of my relationship, to have my motives and truth questioned, and that the most traumatic and intimate details of my life with Johnny were shared in court and broadcast to everyone.

“I support my testimony and now I put my faith in British justice,” he said.

Amber Heard
Amber HeardStuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

“Although I did not mention this lawsuit, I am aware of the valuable resources that your litigation consumes and I will be happy to see those resources redirect to more important legal issues delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I appreciate the dedication, hard work, and support of the legal defense team, as well as my UK and United States attorneys.

“I also want to extend my thanks to the very diligent and friendly court personnel and the police, who have been so sensitive in ensuring my safety and protection in order to testify in safety.

Actor Amber Heard makes a statement outside the London High Court
Actor Amber Heard makes a statement outside the High Court in London.REUTERS / Simon Dawson

And finally, my sincere thanks for all the tremendous outpouring of support and the many messages I have received from around the world. You’ve given me so much strength and I’m sending it back to you.

In the morning, Depp had been greeted by a crowd of screaming fans when he arrived at court. Many were still there when he left almost eight hours later, with the star grinning widely and waving as they cheered and delivered flowers.

A decision is not expected in the case for weeks, but months.

The judge gave no indication of when his ruling will come, but it is anticipated that it will not be before September.

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