Amazon Pay Quiz -All Pay later Answers for Win ₹ 20K Pay | May’20


Amazon Quiz Time Answers, Amazon Pay Later Quiz Answers, Amazon Pay balance quiz Answers, Amazon May Quiz Answers – Hello Users, If you are searching Today’s 5 Questions Quiz Answer of Amazon then you are on Right Place. Here We Updated Daily All Correct Answers so you can Easily Win Free Rewards From Amazon

Amazon Pay Quiz -All Pay later Answers for Win ₹ 20K Pay | May'20

Today Amazon Offering Amazon Pay Quiz Where Who Will give Correct Answers of Quiz Question they Can Win Free Pay Balance & Also This Time Lots of winners Will Be Selected So chances to Win in this Quiz is More. You don’t have to Do anything only Tick the Answers and you can Are Eligible to win.

Here we Published one more Amazon Quiz Time Daily 8-12 answers Where Users Won Smartphones, Real Cash, Pay Balance & Much More by the Help of our regular Updated & Correct Amazon Quiz Time Answers. Like To Win Free honor 8x, You have to Play Quiz Under App & give Answers of 5 Questions Correctly (Mentioned Below).

They will Select Randomly, If you are Lucky then Your Account will be Automatically Credited by gift value After one or Two month or Mentioned Date. You don’t have to Pay any Charges or no Need of prime Membership so Invest Your Just 5 Minutes & Take Amazon Quiz Time & Get Free Pay balance. You can Use that Balance to Shop anything From Amazon on No Minimum Purchase, recharge or Purchase Gift Vouchers of Amazon or Other Partner’s where amazon wallet accepted.

How to Play Amazon Pay Quiz Time – Answers & Win Rs 20000

  1. Download Amazon App in your Mobile.
  2. Open App >> Register New account or Login.
  3. On Homepage Banner, You will see Quiz Banner of Pay Later or Search it
  4. Click on It to Participate & Play Quiz.
  5. Click on Start Button to get Questions.
  6. If you don’t Know Answers then Select According to Below.
  7. Once You Complete You will get Congratulation Popup.

For your Easiness we Added Amazon Pay later May Quiz Answers so Select the Answers Exactly to be Eligible for Try your luck.

Amazon Quiz Answers for May’2020 Win Pay Balance

Question 1 – You can avail instant credit for your purchases on using ‘Amazon Pay Later’. Which of these is true about Amazon Pay Later?

Answer is – All of the above

Question 2- Which payment methods can be used for repayment of purchase made using Amazon Pay Later?

Answer is – Net banking / credit card

Question 3 – Amazon Pay Later can be used to pay for which of the following?

Answer is – All of the above

Question 4 – Which of the following is a step to register for Amazon Pay Later?

Answer is – Enter Permanent Account Number (BREAD)

Question 5 – With Amazon Pay Later, you can buy multiple times through the month and pay the full amount at once next month. True or False?

Answer is – True

Terms & Conditions

  • Contest Will Commence on 5/9/20 to 5/31/20.
  • To participate in Quiz you must have to Login or Register.
  • Once you have signed-in to the App, you can participate by navigating to the page where 5 (five) quiz questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period (“Contest Questions”).
  • Entitled to participate in Lucky Draw, Your Answers of all Questions Should be Correct.
  • One User Can Avail this Offer once During Offer Period.
  • Declared Winners Will get Free Pay Balance
  • Total 5 Winners will be Selected Randomly.

Amazon 31st December Quiz Answers

Question no. one : Which is the only sea in the world without any coasts?

Answer: Sargasso Sea

Question no. 2 : Along with Spain and France, which is the only other country to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines?

Answer: Morocco

Question no. 3 : Which of the following superheroes was NOT a founding member of the X-Men?

Answer: Wolverine

Question no. 4 : If you were a cartographer, what would you be studying?

Answer: Maps

Question no. 5 : Which mountain peak is farthest from the center of the Earth?

Answer: Mount Chimbarazo

Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers of 20th December

Question no. one : 15 August 2015 marked the 40th anniversary of which Indian film?

Question no. 2 : Entomology is the name of what field of study?

Question no. 3 : Kisan Ghat in Delhi is the memorial ground of which famous leader?

Answer: Chaudhary Charan Singh

Question no. 4 : What is the name of India’s first indigenously built submarine?

Question no. 5 : Who among these is the chief legal advisor to the Government of India, and is the primary lawyer for GOI in the Supreme Court?

Answer: Attorney General

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Quiz Answers of 18th November

Question no. one : The number ‘0’ does NOT have an equivalent to be represented in Roam numerals.

Answer: True

Question no. 2 : A Megagon is a polygon with _____ sides. Fill in the blanks.

Answer: 1 Million

Question no. 3 : Washing soda is the common name for which compound?

Answer: Sodium Carbonate

Question no. 4 : What is the capital of Norway?

Answer: Oslo

Question no. 5 : Which day was recently celebrated as World Diabetes Day?

Answer: 14th November

Amazon 10th November quiz Answers – Win Free Rs 500 Pay balance

Question no. one : In a haze, a stormy haze ’are lyrics to a song by which one of these?

Answer: Coldplay

Question no. 2 : In which European city would you find the famous Blue Domed Church?

Answer: Santorini, Greece

Question no. 3 : In context to geography, what are ‘Isohyets’?

Answer: Lines on a map showing equal rainfall

Question no. 4 : Which famous hotel, designed to resemble the sail of a ship, stands on an artificial island 280 m from Jumeirah Beach?

Answer: Burj al Arab, Dubai

Question no. 5 : In which country would you find the temple complex Angkor Wat?

Answer: Cambodia

Amazon 31st October quiz Answers – Win One Plus 6t

Question no. one : What is the battery capacity of the OnePlus 6T?

Answer: 3700 maH

Question no. 2 : The OnePlus 6T is powered by which processor?

Answer: Snapdragon 845

Question no. 3 : The OnePlus 6T is NOT available in which of these RAM + Storage configurations?

Answer: 6GB + 32GB

Question no. 4 : Which of the following is a camera feature / mode available in the OnePlus 6T?

Answer: Nightscape

Question no. 5 : Which of these phrases is associated with the OnePlus brand?

Answer: Never Settle

Amazon 30th October quiz Answers – Win Sony Sound bar

Question no. one : What is the name of the brightest star in the sky apart from the sun?

Answer: Sirius

Question no. 2 : What state of matter is our Sun mainly made of?

Answer: Plasma

Question no. 3 : What is the galaxy we live in commonly called?

Answer: The milky way

Question no. 4 : Which Indian state recently celebrated the “Kati Bihu festival 2018”?

Answer: Assam

Question no. 5 : He is considered the pioneer of the field of political science and economics in India. I assisted the first Mauryan emperor Chandragupta in his rise to power. Who is he?

Answer: Chanakya

Amazon 23rd October quiz Answers – Win Fossil Explorist SmartWatch

Question no. one : The world’s coldest inhabited place is the village Oymyakon which records temperatures up to -68 degree centigrade. Where is it located?

Answer: Russia

Question no. 2 : AR Rahman won a Grammy award for which album?

Answer: Slumdog millionaire

Question no. 3 : Which British prime minister was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Answer: Winston Churchill

Question no. 4 : She is the first woman to win the Sahitya Akademi Award for her magnum opus, a long poem, ‘Sunehade’ (Messages). Who is she?

Answer: Amrita Pritam

Question no. 5 : Which government corporation in India recently became the first to launch an online chat-bot called ‘Ask Disha’ to resolve customer queries?

Answer: IRCTC

Amazon 16th October Quiz Answers – Win Rs 1000 Free Balance

Question no. one : How many total squares does a chessboard have?

Answer: 204

Question no. 2 : Podiatrists are medical professional devoted to the study and medical treatment of _?

Answer: Feet

Question no. 3 : Which Indian state is also known as the ‘Land of rising sun’ because it gets the first sunrise in the country?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

Question no. 4 : Who is also called the ‘Birdman of India’?

Answer: Salim Ali

Question no. 5 : He adapted a lecture at the University of Dhaka on the theory of radiation sent it to Albert Einstein who translated it German, and had it published in ‘Zeitschrift für Physik’. Rabindranath Tagore dedicated his only book on science, ‘Visva – Parichay’ to him. Who is he?

Answer: Satyendra nath bose

Amazon 7th October Quiz Answers – Win Sony Bravia Tv

Question no. one : Which element was discovered on the Sun before it was discovered on Earth?

Answer: Helium

Question no. 2 : Which variety of tea forms the base for a traditional Irish Breakfast Tea?

Answer: Assam

Question no. 3 : Vlad the Impaler was an emperor in Romania in the 14th century. Which of these fictional characters was inspired by him?

Answer: Dracula

Question no. 4 : There is a theory that the universe will come to an end when its ever-increasing rate of expansion causes all matter to basically fly apart. What is the term applied to this theory?

Answer: The Big Rip

Question no. 5 : India’s first corn festival was recently held in which of these cities?

Answer: Chhindwara

Amazon 6th October Quiz Answers – Win Samsung Gear Sports

Question no. one : Fact or Myth: The Great Wall of China can be seen with the unaided human eye from space

Answer: Myth

Question no. 2 : What is the currency of Sweden?

Answer: Krona

Question no. 3 : In 2014, 55.1 crore votes were cast in a single general election, breaking the Guinness World Record for largest voter turnout. Which country has this record?

Answer: India

Question no. 4 : It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter

Answer: True

Question no. 5 : Which cricketer recently became the youngest Indian to score a century on his test debut?

Answer: Prithvi shaw

Amazon 5th October Quiz Answers – Win Moto g6

Question no. one : The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) was founded in 1875, originally known as ‘The Native Share and Stock Brokers Association’. Who was its founder?

Answer: Premchand roychand

Question no. 2 : In terms of area which is the smallest continent?

Answer: Austrailia

Question no. 3 : The Decathlon is an athletic competition lasting two consecutive days in the Olympics, and consists of 10 track-and-field events. Which one of these events is NOT a part of it?

Answer: Hammer throw

Question no. 4 : A ‘Yottabyte’ is a multiple of the unit ‘byte’, used for measuring digital information. How big is 1 Yottabyte?

Answer: A trillion terrabytes

Question no. 5 : In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was the only goal-less draw of the tournament?

Answer: Denmark vs france

Amazon 4th October Quiz Answers – Win Fitbit Versa

Question no. one : The Portsmouth college in UK offers a course to its students which of these languages?

Answer: Hinglish

Question no. 2 : Which one of these blood-types is called the ‘universal donor type’ because it is compatible with all other blood type?

Answer: O-negative

Question no. 3 : What is the irrational fear of trees called?

Answer: Dendrophobia

Question no. 4 : Iromba is a dish made of fish, vegetables and bamboo shoots and is served fermented. Which North Eastern Indian state is this dish associated with?

Answer: Manipur

Question no. 5 : Who founded Facebook?

Answer: Mark Zuckerberg

Amazon 2nd October Quiz Answers – Win Rs 1 Lakh

Question no. one : 2nd October 2018 marks the ___ birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Answer: 150th

Question no. 2 : Which of these books was NOT written by Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Long walk to freedom

Question no. 3 : This Gandhi Jayanti, India has organized ‘Gandhi March’ in Netherlands.

Answer: True

Question no. 4 : Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize ___ times but never won. The Nobel committee regrets not giving him the prize to this day.

Answer: 5

Question no. 5 : Mahatma Gandhi shares his birthday with which of these former prime ministers of India?

Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri

Amazon 1st October Quiz Answers – Win Rs 50 Pay Balance

Question no. one : Who was the founder of the Bose Corporation?

Answer: Love bose

Question no. 2 : A caterpillar does not stay a caterpillar for its entire life. What does it change into?

Answer: Butterfly or Moth

Question no. 3 : What temperature does water boil at?

Answer: 100C

Question no. 4 : Where can you find the smallest bone in the human body?

Answer: Ear

Question no. 5 : In which year was Microsoft established?

Answer: 1975

Amazon 29th September Quiz Answers – Win Jbl Pulse 3 Wireless Speakers

Question no. one : Which element is named after the seventh planet from the sun?
Answer: Uranium

Question no. 2 : Which language is the word ‘coffee’ derived from?
Answer: Arabic

Question no. 3 : Which of the following is a unit to measure time?
Answer: Megaannum

Question no. 4 : What is the name of the black hole located at the center of our galaxy?
Answer: Sagittarius A

Question no. 5 : After almost a decade of award dominance by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who recently bagged FIFA’s Best Player of the Year 2018 award?
Answer: Luka modric

You are Eligible to Win Jbl pulse 3 wireless Speakers by this Amazon Jbl pulse 3 Quiz answers

Amazon 28th September Quiz Answers – Win Rs 5000

Question no. one : Which of these is NOT considered to be a part of ‘Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

Answer: Leaning Tower of Ibiza

Question no. 2 : Which of these is the fastest animal?

Answer: Peregrine Falcon

Question no. 3 : Which place in India holds the Guinness world record for being the wettest place on Earth?

Answer: Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Question no. 4 : What tea is named after a British prime minister?

Answer: Earl Gray

Question no. 5 : On September 24, 2018 ISRO’s Mars Orbiter mission completed ____ years orbiting around the red planet.

Answer: 4

Amazon 27th September Quiz Answers – Win Rs 10000

Question no. 1: Which one of the seven sister states hosts the famous Hornbill Festival?

Answer: Nagaland

Question no. 2: Which planet in our solar system is named after the Roman god of war?

Answer: Mars

Question no. 3: ___ is the largest moon in our solar system, having a diameter larger than either Mercury or Pluto.

Answer: Ganymede

Question no. 4: Which of these natural phenomenon is also know as the ‘Northern lights’?

Answer: Aurora borealis

Question no. 5: Who was the first woman to fly a plane across the Atlantic ocean?

Answer: Amelia Earhart

Amazon 25th September Quiz Answers – Win Fossil Explorist Smartwatch

Question – >> 1. Virat Kohli and Mirabai Chanu recently won the 2018 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award. Which sport is Mirabai Chanu associated with?
Answer: Weightlifting

Question – >> 2. What kind of weapon is a falchion?
Answer: A sword

Question – >> 3. The Equator does NOT pass through which of these countries?
Answer: India

Question – >> 4. The Tropic of Cancer does NOT pass through which of these Indian states?
Answer: Bihar

Question – >> 5. Which of the following movies has been chosen as the India’s official entry to Oscars 2019?
Answer: Village Rockstars

Amazon 24th September Quiz Answers (1000 Winners)

Question 1. In…. India won its first cricket world cup. Fill in the blanks.

Answer: 1983

Question 2. Which historical event does Charles Dickens ’novel‘ The Tale of Two Cities ’concern?

Answer : The French Revolution

Question 3. The Garampani wildlife sanctuary is located in which Indian state?

Answer: Assam

Question 4. In 305 BC, which Maurya ruler defeated Alaxander’s general Seleucus Nicator?

Answer: Chandragupta Maurya

Question 5. What is the national sport of Japan?

Answer: Sumo Wrestling

Amazon 22nd September Quiz Answers

Question 1. Ruqaiya Sultan Begum was the wife of which Mughal Ruler?

Answer – Akbar

Question 2. Which of these is NOT a style / genre of dance?

Answer – Tin-Tin

Question 3. Which is the smallest planet in our solar system?

Answer – Mercury

Question 4. Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the UN, is located in which continent?

Answer – Africa

Question 5. Who was the first Indian from the film industry to win an Oscar award?

Answer – Bhanu Athaiya

7th Dec 2017 Amazon Pay Quiz Answers

one. Which of these is the fastest way to pay while shopping at

Answer is – Amazon pay balance

2. Which of the following can you NOT do on the Amazon Pay page?

Answer is – find recipes

3. You can use Amazon Pay balance to make payments on the Redbus, Bookmyshow & Faasos sites & apps.

Answer is – true

4. For orders above Rs. 250, you can get flat Rs. _ cashback on shopping with Amazon Pay balance on What is the cashback amount?

Answer is – Rs.75

5. You can use your Amazon Pay balance to Recharge your prepaid mobile number

Answer is – true

On giving This Answers You will get Congrats Notification.

24th Nov Answers

Answer of Q.1. Amazon Pay can be used to book movie tickets on many popular websites like BookMyShow, Ticketnew and Justickets is – True

Answer of Q.2. Which one of these are NOT a benefit of using Amazon Pay while paying on partner sites and apps? is – time travel

Answer of Q.3. Cashback for Amazon Pay offers across partner sites and apps is received in the form of? is – Amazon Pay balance

Answer Q.4. Which of these websites / apps do NOT accept Amazon Pay as a mode of payment for food orders? is – Your Mom’s kitchen

Answer of Q.5. While logging in to make a payment on any of the Amazon Pay partner sites and apps, what login credentials would you use? is – Your Current Logged in Amazon username & password

If you are Lucky, then they will Fill your account by Rs 10000 Pay Balance. Now a days this Payment Option is Available on many Sites so this is also one Type of Real Cash.

Amazon Quiz Time Loot Tricks & Tips

  • Participate via More accounts so your chances to win will more.
  • Use Your Family Members Account.
  • Don’t Participate in two Quiz From one mobile.