(All users) Amazon Pay UPI: £ 50 Free Money Back on $ 250 Purchases


Amazon Pay Upi Offer and Trick May 2020: Currently the government is not charging any fees for these transactions so please get cash back if you will send 100 rupees or more on Amazon Pay using UPI payment and then you will get insured rewards such as a 20% cash back coupon, Movie Cash Back Coupon and more on every transaction up to 5 times

Amazon Pay UPI

Using the Amazon Pay Upi option, transfer money from any bank to any bank without fees and instantly. I hope you know where you can use Amazon Pay Balance, also now that they are giving days a huge refund on almost all partners.

As a promotion, Amazon Pay UPI is granting cash back voucher rewards for a limited period (May 1 to May 31, 2020), among which they will buy over 250 rupees with Amazon’s upi payment option get additional cash back vouchers in 2 days so if you go shopping then use Amazon upi to get additional discount on Amazon.in

How to get assured rewards in Amazon Pay Upi?

Get Rs 50 cash back on purchases

First of all, scroll down below and create your UPI address in Amazon payment option and bank account link to get this refund.

  1. Visit Amazon.in
  2. Register or login
  3. Visit the offers page >> Collect the offer
  4. Shop above Rs.250
  5. Enter shipping details
  6. Complete this order using the Amazon Upi payment option
  7. Amazon payment option
  8. Enter your amazon.in upi address
  9. Complete the payment by entering upi pin
  10. That’s it.You’ll get Rs 250 Cashback within 10 days on your Amazon account.
  11. You can take advantage of this offer 1 time until May 31, 2020

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer is valid from May 1 to May 31, 2020 or may be extended
  • Minimum purchase value Rs 250 for Prime and Rs.250 for non Prime.
  • Valid only after Offer Receivable
  • Maximum cashback Rs.50
  • Valid only on Purchase payments with Amazon upi address
  • Not valid for loading money, purchasing gift cards, DTH and mobile top-ups.

February 2020

This February, you won’t get Cashback on just 1 transaction because Amazon Pay upi offers guaranteed rewards up to 5 transactions. You will earn a 20% cashback from Amazon purchases as great coupons using the Upi option in the previous Rs.100 during this period (February 1, 2020 to February 29, 2020)

  1. Open the Amazon app and log in to your account
  2. Set up your bank account using Create or enter Upi Pin
  3. Now click on Amazon Pay >> Bhim Upi Option and send at least Rs.100 to any agency to participate
  4. It will unlock Amazon coupons on each transaction up to 5 times.
  5. It will be Mail and SMS Both You, click the link to activate the offer

Amazon Pay First Upi Transfer (Expired)

1) Download or update the latest Amazon app

2) In the Panel, click on Send money and configure your bank account

3) Now send at least Rs.300 to any Upi controller from your Amazon Upi controller

Tip: You can also use Google Pay, Phonepe and other banking applications (100% working)

4) You will get coupons as follows:

5) For Prime Users, you will receive a refund of Rs.150 and Rs.75 (No Prime) Until January 22, 2020 + 20% purchase coupon + Rs.100 Movie Voucher will be sent to you by email / sms

6) Total Rs.150 Cashback + Amazon Rs.100 Shopping Cashback + Rs.100 Movie voucher + Rs.350 Saving

How to create a UPI address for Amazon Pay?

  1. Download the Amazon app
  2. Make new account
  3. Navigate to Bhim upi
  4. Link your bank account and create a UPI PIN and confirm it
  5. Now in My account, you will get the UPI address

Device error fix

If you are getting a different client please set up Amazon pay Upi using this mobile number error then we have a trick to remove it.

Note: We do not remember to use this because it gives you access to your phone, Upi access to any third party that is not available in the Google Play Store is not safe, so it is very risky

  1. Force stop and delete data from your Amazon app
  2. Download and install exposed virtual app, grant all requested permissions
  3. Add Amazon in apps, now create Pay upi and close Virtual Exposed
  4. Open the Amazon app from the menu and create Upi if step 3 doesn’t work for you

Users who face the Upi Not Seen option

For those users who are seeing this in the payment option, here are the steps to unlock it.

  1. First of all, open your link in your mobile browser (Chrome) or Amazon app
  2. Now add your product in your cart
  3. Now register or login
  4. On the payment page, you will see the UPI payment option
  5. Enter any UPI address created by the application and make the payment in that application

How to add money on Amazon paying using UPI payment

  1. Visit the Amazon Load Money page >> Add money
  2. Register or login
  3. Enter an amount greater than 500 rupees
  4. amazon-add-money
  5. On the payment page, select the UPI payment option
  6. Enter the UPI address of any application
  7. Complete the Payment application of the requested
  8. Done ! Your Rs 500 will be added instantly, the rest of the Cashback will be added within 3 business days