Alison Brie Says She Regrets Expressing Vietnamese-American Character At BoJack Horseman

He replied through a series of tweets: “It is something I am happy to talk about! I can get tense when asked about my mistakes (because I am concerned that I am saying something wrong) but it is good for me to reflect on and I hope others who see me will help you not to make the same mistakes! “

“In the early seasons of BoJack, I was asked about Diane’s casting multiple times on Twitter and Reddit, but I evaded the question, mainly because my own understanding of the problem was evolving (it still is!) And I didn’t.” I don’t want to give a defensive or half-thought response, “he added.” I thought when I was ready I would write something, like a blog post or Twitter thread, explaining why I had chosen a white actress to portray an Asian character and why It was fine, but the more I thought about it (and listened to other people) the more I felt it WAS NOT OK. ”

He explained that after season 4, “he was never going to feel ‘ready’ to talk about it, and he just had to do it, ready or not.”

Also, this is not the first time that a fan has raised these concerns. In January 2018, she broached the subject after being asked by a fan why she was Brie, a white woman, voicing the Vietnamese-American character. “Short answer: I love my entire cast, but if I did today, I wouldn’t launch the show (or any show) with all the whites. I’ve really soured myself on the idea of ​​the” colorblind “cast as an excuse for not paying attention.” he said at the time.