Alabama Football .L Coach Nick Saban, Athletic Director Greg Byrne is positive for CO Weed-19

Alabama coach Nick Saba tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday and is self-separating from home as Zoom continues to oversee his team’s practices.

Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne also tested positive on Wednesday.

“I learned early this morning that I tested positive for COVID-19,” Saab said in a statement. “I left work immediately and was separated from home. At this time, I have no symptoms related to covid, and I have taken another PCR exam to confirm my diagnosis.”

Addressing reporters on the Zoom call on Wednesday evening, Saban, who works from home, was excited, smiling and joking that “I should look forward to this press conference on Wednesday until something bad happens. You today.”

An Sab said he felt good before the positive test result came out, which he said surprised him.

“I feel good, so I don’t really worry so much about my health, but you never know,” Sabne said. “Look, I basically feel like when we’re here in our own personal bubble, everyone is in a safer place. I think as you travel you’ll soon be exposed to a lot more things and a lot more people.”

Suban said he informed of the positive test of his players in a zoom call at 2pm on Wednesday. He said his message to the players was that whoever they come in contact with is infected and should be careful.

Alabama plans to test everyone inside the football program on Thursday. The program begins daily testing for its players in September.

Suban said he is able to monitor the practice through Zoom on Wednesday and can talk on the phone with a staff member if he sees anything that needs improvement.

“I had the manager have the phone,” he said. “If I had to repeat a play, I said, ‘Repeat that play. I haven’t left the country or anything. I’m just down the street. And we have this technique, so it’s really unique.’



Alabama head coach Nick Subn explains how he got the news of his positive COVID-19 test and is able to continue coaching his team from home.

Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, who was head coach in Washington from 2009 to 2013 and USC in 2014 and ’15, was assigned to work on the ground with Saban. Suban said they have not yet decided how many decisions Sarkisian has to make.

During Saturday’s home game against number one Georgia, he said they would have to communicate in the game, saying Saban wasn’t convinced. According to Sabian, whether Circassian is playing as the main reader or not, there will be aggressive plaque.

Alabama team physicians Jimmy Robinson and Jeff Allen said Saban and Byrne were the only two individuals who tested positive “on time,” and said the school would return the SEC’s Return to Activity and Medical Guidance Task Force protocols for asymptomatic testing.

“I have been notified today that my COVID-19 test has been positive since this morning,” Byrne said in a statement. “Upon hearing the news, I immediately went into solitude and stayed at home and followed all the guidelines. We are vigilant from the beginning to wear masks and social distance and want to continue to encourage you all to take the necessary precautions. For you and your To help prevent the spread of the virus to the people around. “

CDC guidelines say positive test takers must be isolated for 10 days, and contact tracing requires a 14-day quarantine.

There is soap from a handful of FBS head coaches for a positive test for coronavirus. Kevin Sumlin of Arizona, Mike Norwell of Florida State, Les Miles of Kansas, Jason Candle of Toledo and Black Anderson of Arkansas State have also been declared positive.

Alex Scarborough and Chris Lowe of ESPN contributed to this report.