AG Barr leads the creation of a working group to counter anti-government extremists like Antifa, the ‘Boogaloo’ group, more

In a memo released Friday, Attorney General Bill Barr announced the formation of a Justice Department task force to combat extremist anti-government groups, such as Antifa and those who support the “Boogaloo” movement.

The document cites “significant threats to the rule of law” and “indefensible acts of violence” as the foundation of the group’s formation.

“In the midst of peaceful protests protected by the First Amendment, we have seen anti-government extremists engaged in indefensible acts of violence designed to undermine public order,” Barr wrote. “Among other illegal conduct, these extremists have violently attacked police officers and other government officials, destroyed public and private property, and threatened innocent people.”

He added: “Some pretend to profess a message of freedom and progress, but in reality they are forces of anarchy, destruction and coercion.”

Barr claimed that some of the extremist anti-government groups may be receiving funds from foreign entities, seeking to sow seeds of chaos within the United States.

“We have evidence that violent anti-government extremists, including those who support ‘Boogaloo’, who identify themselves as Antifa and others, will present continuous threats of illegality,” he explained. “Additionally, some of these violent extremists may be fortified by foreign entities seeking to wreak havoc and disorder in our country. The Justice Department will respond to these violent groups in the same way that we respond to other organized criminal or terrorist networks: disrupting their violent activities and ultimately dismantling their ability to threaten the rule of law. “


“Today I am leading the creation of a task force dedicated to countering violent extremists against the government,” he continued. “The task force will be co-chaired by Craig Carpenito, US Attorney for the District of New Jersey, and Erin Nealy Cox, US Attorney for the Northern District of Texas.”

The task force will work with the FBI to “develop detailed information on violent anti-government extremist individuals, networks, and movements, and will share that information as appropriate with federal, state, and local law enforcement, especially in places where these extremists pose a threat. . “

It will also provide training and resources to local law enforcement and the police, to help trace and arrest anyone who commits acts of violence.

“The ultimate goal of the task force will be to not only allow the prosecution of extremists involved in the violence, but to understand these groups well enough that we can stop such violence before it occurs and ultimately eliminate it as a threat to public security and the rule of law, “said the note.

Barr concluded: “It will not be an easy task, but I am sure that the men and women of this Department are up to the challenge. The task force we created today will lead the way in this important mission of law enforcement on behalf of the American People. “

This news comes the same day that President Trump signed an executive order protecting American monuments, memorials, and statues from being destroyed. The president said that those who try to destroy them will be punished with prison.


“I just had the privilege of signing a very strong Executive Order that protects the Monuments, Monuments and Statues of the United States, and fights recent criminal violence,” Trump tweeted. “Long prison terms for these illegal acts against our Great Country!”