After winning the Steelers, the Browns’ Miles Garrett approaches Mason Rudolph, shakes his hand and says’ good game ‘

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Miles Garrett took a huge step Sunday in healing any prolonged bad feelings from the helmet incident.

Defensive end Stiles quarterback Mason Rudolph was flooded, while the Browns won 24-22, to get their first playoff berth since 2002, when he waved his hand and praised him.

“I just called it a ‘good game,'” Garrett said. “Hell of a game. And we’ll see next week.”

The Browns (11-5) regrouped against the Steelers (12-4) at Heinz Field the following week.

Rudolph did his best to prevent that from happening. With 1:23 left in the game, he completed a 2-yard touchdown pass from Juju Smith-Schuster to pull the Stylers within two points. Rudolph’s two-point pass in the end zone for Chase Clapool was incomplete.

Rudolph, on Zoom Carl with his Stilers reporters, confirms Garrett’s statement.

“It simply came to our notice then,” Rudolph said. “I wish him luck, I have a lot of respect for him.”

Rudolph, who defeated the Browns 21-7 in the “Helmet Game”, made 22-of-39 attempts for 315 yards for 895 ratings with two touchdowns. He hit big passes of 41, 41 and 47 yards to keep things close.

Unfortunately for the Browns, Ben Rothlisberger will start next week against them in a wild-card game. But Garrett’s gesture could eventually lead to an air-clearing session between him and Rudolph.

Garrett, who was left without a bag on Sunday, told in September that he wanted to do it, and Rudolph said this week that he was open to hearing what Garrett had to say.

Garrett believes that Garrett says that Rudolph calls him the “n” word, however, they deny Rudolph.

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