After July, the U.S. The highest number of daily coronavirus cases are reported in the corona virus

U.S. on Friday. More than 68,000 new cases of Covid-1 have been reported in the country, the highest number in a single day since July, further confirming the status of coronavirus recurrence in the country.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University and the Covid Trekking Project, the USA last saw 68,000 new cases in a single day on July 31, when the peak of summer began to return.

From August to mid-September the cases decreased. But public health experts have long feared an increase in cases, as the weather begins to cool, leading people inside the house, where the virus is more likely to spread. Cases are on the rise in most states, especially in the North Midwest, including Dakotas, Montana and Wisconsin, where Donald Trump was scheduled to hold a rally on Saturday night.

This week, U.S. An average of 55,000 new cases were reported in the year, which is 0% more than in mid-September.

On Friday, America’s top young infectious disease specialist Dr. “You can’t enter with the high community infection baseline in the colder months of fall and the colder months of winter,” said Anthony Fauci. Present next week.

Fawcett has repeatedly said that the U.S. It is still in its first wave of coronavirus, and pointed out that the number of cases has not decreased to the low level it should be for the end of the first phase. On Friday, the U.S. set a world record of a total of 8 million cases since March, with the death toll close to 220,000.

Public officials are gearing up for hospitalization. On Friday, according to the Covid Trekking Project, the highest price since August 28 Gust, the hospital admission rate stood at 37,336. Officials in Utah, Missouri and Indiana have indicated that some hospitals are starting to fill up. The governors of New Mexico and Kentucky said they would tighten the Covid-19 guidelines.

New cases reached 4,100 in Wisconsin on Friday, a record daily high. An overflow hospital facility has also been set up in the state and the National Guard is operating additional test sites.

Biden is currently about seven points ahead of Donald Trump in Wisconsin, which is generally regarded as a state of war. On Saturday, Trump was scheduled to hold a rally in Jensville, about 175 miles from Minnesota’s La Cross, until local officials urged the president to move the rally amid a flurry of cases.

Biden released a statement about Trump’s plans.

“Wisconsin has the worst coronavirus outbreak in the country,” he said. “President Trump is deliberately undermining the severity of the virus. At virtually every turn, he panics and tries to keep his will instead of working hard to bring it under control. ”