Adele will not release new music because of Corona

Hello from quarantine.

It’s been five years since Adele released her third album, 25.

And last year, on his 31st birthday, he dropped the news that his next album would be called 30, and that it would be an optimistic album. But since then, she’s been pretty nasty about it, and hasn’t announced a release date.

Well earlier today Adele posted this cryptic photo of herself performing on Insta and captioned it with just the smile emoji:

Of course, everyone asked, “Is he about to fall? 30?! “

Well, Adele answered that question, after a fan did so in her comments, with a no, because she is quarantined:

It also reminded everyone to wear a mask!

So there you have it: No new Adele until the crown is over !!! So everyone who doesn’t wear skins NEEDS to start wearing one so we can stop the spread of COVID-19 and finally get 30!!!


Seriously, even if you don’t like Adele, please wear a mask.

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