Aaron Rodgers knows his time at Green Bay is dwindling after Love’s pick

Every year, Love sits is a waste of that Green Bay rookie contract lead.

With high mortality money implications if cut, Rodgers is likely to be a Packer the next two seasons. Then, who knows?

“I have no ill will about it,” Rodgers said of the Love team. “Was I discouraged? Of course, who wouldn’t be? I wanted to play my entire career in Green Bay. I love the city. I grew up there, really, got there when I was 21, I’m 36 now. You know, a lot of changes during that time. But look, I get it. I see it completely clear, and I’m not bitter about it. It just is what it is. “

The 37-year-old knows that if he wants to continue his career until he is 40, it will probably be in another state. Many greats of all time have different colors. Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Joe Namath, Brett Favre, the man Rodgers took over, and most recently Tom Brady this year, to name a few.

The jersey Rodgers finds hard to wear if he leaves Green Bay: the Chicago Bears.

“Oh man, that’s a difficult thought right there, man,” Rodgers said, giggling at the idea.