A study of the spread of the virus in vaccinated students

– A new study by Dr. Anthony Fausy will try to provide an answer to what he calls the “extremely important question” – the asymptomatic people who have been vaccinated can spread the coronavirus. And “If they are asymptomatic, how much virus is in their nose and does it infect people who have close contact with them?” Fawcett said Friday. The study, supported by national health organizations, will track students on 21 college campuses, according to Ios Xios reports. Half will be vaccinated against Moderna immediately, the other will get a shot after about four months. Students will provide nose swabs, collected in bar-coded vials. To test for antibodies, a blood sample will be taken and tracked using the application.

Payment for volunteers can be as close as $ 1000, and 12,000 of them require study. The results of the modern vaccine are due in September. This study could play a major role in helping public health officials determine how well vaccinated people need to be cared for, including whether they will need to wear a mask around anyone who has not been vaccinated. New York Times. Current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say masks are not worn in small gatherings indoors, although everyone should still wear masks in public. U.S. More than 87 million people have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, per New York Times. (Read more coronavirus vaccine stories.)