A move of glossy statements about humanitarian work: the Center on Amnesty

Amnesty has linked all government actions to critical reports from the government

New Delhi:

Just hours after Amnesty International announced a halt to operations in India and accusing the witch-Japan of its recent reports of questioning rights violations, the government said “human rights cannot be an excuse to observe land laws” and “glossy statements about” The humanitarian act was an attempt to divert attention from their illegal activities.

“The glossy statements about humanitarian work and truth telling are nothing but a pretense to draw attention to their activities which were a clear violation of Indian law. Such statements are also an attempt to externally influence the way of investigation by multiple agencies regarding irregularities and illegality The government said in a statement this evening that Global Rights Watch had been accused of illegally receiving foreign funding for years.

“Amnesty is free to continue its humanitarian work in India, as is being done by many other organizations. However, the permanent law does not allow India to interfere in domestic political disputes by foreign-funded organizations. This law treats everyone equally. And it will also apply to Amnesty International. “

This morning, Amnesty International alleged that its accounts had been frozen earlier this month, forcing it to send its employees to India and suspending all its ongoing campaigns and research work.

“The complete freezing of bank accounts of Amnesty International India by the Government of India, which came to light on September 10, has stopped grinding all the work done by the organization,” the organization said.

Claiming that it has complied with all Indian and international laws, Amnesty International said, “This is the latest in a series of manipulations by human rights organizations against the Government of India over baseless and motivated allegations.”

Amnesty linked all government actions to its criticism; Its latest reports raised questions about alleged violations of rights during the February riots in Delhi and after the repeal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

The government has called Amnesty’s statements “unfortunate, exaggerated and far from the truth.”

“India has a rich and pluralistic democratic culture with a tradition of free press, independent judiciary and dynamic domestic debate. The people of India have unprecedented faith in the current government. Amnesty’s failure to comply with local rules does not deserve to be commented on.” , “The home ministry said in a statement.

According to the Interior Ministry, Amnesty International was approved only once under the Foreign Contributions (FCRA) Act, and that too, 20 years ago. Since then, Amnesty International has been denied FCRA approval by successive governments because it is not appropriate, the ministry said.

But to stop the FCRA, Amnesty UK “sent large sums of money to four companies registered in India, classifying them as foreign direct investment (FDI),” the statement said.

Significant amounts of foreign money were also sent to Amnesty (India) under the FCRA without the approval of the Home Ministry.

The ministry said the previous (Congress-led UPA) government had also rejected its repeated requests for money from abroad due to Amnesty’s illegal practices. “Because of this, Amnesty suspended its operations in India once during that period. This bipartisan and purely legal approach to Amnesty under different governments makes it clear that this whole fault lies in the dubious procedures adopted by Amnesty to secure money for it. Is operational, ”the government said.