A Kovid-19 outbreak at a California nursing home has killed at least 12 people. Other facilities in the U.S. report infections

The Gilroy Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center said in a news release on Thursday that 75 residents and 54 employees across the country tested positive for the virus during the Covid-19 epidemic. Thirty-six residents and 53 employees have since recovered, he said.

When the infection and death occurred is unclear from the news release.

“To add an additional level of protection, we are committed to providing comprehensive testing to all local residents and staff in collaboration with the local public health department,” the center said in a statement.

“We understand the importance of knowing the status of our residents, staff and essential health care providers. In this new world of COVID-19, it is certain that we are aggressively treating and responding to potential community exposure by regularly testing all of our residents. And until the vaccine is available, staff or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will give instructions otherwise. “

Since the epidemic began, Kovid-19 has taken devastating action against nursing home residents, with facilities across the country becoming the epicenter of the virus and reporting dozens of deaths and infections.

U.S. Spread in

In recent days some public health officials have sounded the alarm about the infection in more facilities.

In Washington State, Wichita County health officials announced an outbreak among residents and staff at the Highland Health and Rehabilitation Nursing Facility, which opened in mid-September. At least 37 residents tested positive, 10 of whom died, health officials said in a news release in October. Seventeen staff members were also infected, health officials said.
In Minnesota, the state’s National Guard was called in to help with the outbreak of two Covid-19 nursing homes, CNN-affiliated KQDSA reported. In a statement posted on Facebook last week, the Guardian Angels Health and Rehabilitation Center said the national guard would “provide relief to employees.”
For seniors in some care centers, the released Covid-19 rules mean real hugs and relief from isolation.
In a separate statement, the Sacred Heart Care Center – another facility to get help – said it was restricting visitors, with some exceptions, and with other efforts, conducting weekly Covid-19 testing for all employees.
Virginia health officials said four people have died in the Chesterfield County retirement community this week and more than 80 have tested positive for Covid-19, according to CNN-affiliated WTVR.
“VDH provides infection control recommendations, visits the site and adheres to it regularly after being informed about it on a regular basis,” Brooke Crawford, with the state health department, told the news station. “The facility also continues to perform additional tests.”
And in Connecticut, health officials were monitoring outbreaks in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, CNN-affiliated WTIC reported. In the nursing facility, at least 22 residents tested positive, the affiliate reported.

Sarah Moon of CNN contributed to this report.