A Kentucky postal worker fired, throwing 100 absent ballots

U.S. in Kentucky. A postal worker has been fired and may face charges after trying to throw away more than 100 absentee ballots, according to local newspapers.

USPS The Office of the Inspector General said U.S.PS in Dumpster on Thursday. Unidentified postal worker “doesn’t work for a long time” According to WKYT.

The case has been accepted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for federal action, Special Agent Scott Balfour wrote in a statement. “They will decide which charges are appropriate after reviewing all the facts of the case.”

WKYT Reported on Thursday That one person received an e-mail of a deleted mail, containing 112 absentee ballots and two political advertisements. These ballots were sent to Jefferstown, Kiwi. Were to be sent to the field.

Ballots were returned to USPS on Thursday and delivered to customers.

Earlier this month, a postal service mail carrier in New Jersey was arrested for allegedly archiving 1,875 pieces of mail. 99 general election ballots.

Nicholas Bouchen was charged with one count of delay, discharge or mail interception and one count of mail obstruction. He faces up to five years in prison and a fine of 250 250,000 for a late charge, and up to six months in prison and a 6,000 fine for obstruction.

Mail-in voting is under intense scrutiny this year, with more Americans voting by mail due to coronavirus concerns. President TrumpDonald John Trump Michigan court overturns absentee ballot extension Trump jokes they will “find a way” to fire the governor. If Florida loses Biden, Trump’s response to an attempt to kidnap the governor of Michigan will be removed: ‘What’s wrong with this guy?’ More Although there is no evidence to support the claim, there have been repeated allegations that mail-in voting will lead to widespread voter fraud.

The White House published a Troubles cast ballots In Pennsylvania in September, but Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Booker (D) said there was no “intentional fraud.”