A fundamental scene did not go from the musical to the soundtrack

For those who have never had a chance to see Hamilton Live on Broadway, the cast album has been primarily completed for the past five years. Now with the filmed version of Hamilton Available on Disney +, fans can finally put the images to music. However, they might notice some slight changes between the two.

Anyone who has listened to the cast’s album knows that it includes just the music without an iota of dialogue. Not that Hamilton It really has a lot of dialogue anyway, apart from a pivotal scene.

According to Lin-Manuel Miranda, he kept this particular scene off the cast album for good reason. It has everything to do with a feeling of theatrical discovery.

Which scene in ‘Hamilton’ only has dialogue?

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Those who saw the filmed version of Disney + Hamilton This July you were probably surprised to see a scene with a little dialogue. Considering that most of the people who had not seen the show thought that it was continuously singing / hitting without interruption, they probably had an interesting discovery.

This was the sequence when Alexander Hamilton discovers that John Laurens died. Laurens was a statesman and close friend of Hamilton in real life, including being an outspoken critic of slavery.

When Hamilton discovers that his friend is dead, he leads to the only dialogue in the entire show, though Eliza reads a letter from Laurens’ father. Otherwise known as Tomorrow there will be more of us basically it comes out as a soliloquy spoken rather than sung.

Miranda avoided putting the sequence on the cast’s album for some intriguing and cunning reasons. She explained why on her Tumblr page in 2016, according to Mental Floss.

Lin-Manuel Miranda gave the cast fans an Easter egg

Actor and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda is seen on stage during
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Yes, one could call this cut scene in the cast album an Easter egg, as those who saw it in the live version were very surprised. Ultimately, this was Miranda’s intention. Miranda himself said on his Tumblr: “Hamilton is sung and I wanted to have at least ONE revelation reserved for you. I support the decision, and I think the album is better for that. “

He explained that when he was younger, albums from Broadway shows often left out at least one scene, leaving a feeling of surprise when one watched the show live. In other words, this continued the tradition of a Broadway cast album.

For those who watched the show live, they know that Laurens’ death scene has a huge emotional impact due to how it affects Hamilton. Most fans of the show agreed with Miranda’s artistic choice here, if also for the consistency on the album itself. Listening to dialogues on albums released without visual aids can sometimes fail.

Based on Miranda’s Tumblr comments above, fans loved the decision. One person said, “I will NEVER forget when I discover this. I accepted it and then, a year later, when I saw it in Chicago, I lost ALL of my marbles during the scene. ”

Many fans realized that ‘Hamilton’ is more visual than they thought

To see why Ttomorrow there will be more of us You need to see the scene, all one has to do is watch the full movie capture of the musical on Disney +. There is a lot to see visually, including the symbolic set. And of course costumes are also a sight to behold.

Furthermore, the expressions of the actors improve how the raps and songs are performed. For the past five years, many have probably heard Eliza Schuyler Hamilton’s moan in the final scene of the recording without seeing Phillipa Soo’s expressions. Putting them together proves that there really was a clear difference between the cast album and watching the show live to the end.