A federal judge fired South Kokot governor. Christy Noime over COWED feedback

A federal judge has given a rhetorical blow to South Dakota Gov. Christy Noime, saying in a ruling this week that the state has done “little, if anything,” to prevent Covid-19 from sabotaging the state. Sioux Falls Argus Leader It is reported that the U.S. District Judge Charles Kornman has ordered the state court to stop the epidemic as an excuse to delay the defendant’s hearing. It then went only after the state’s response to the crisis. “South Dakota has done little to stop the spread of the virus,” he wrote. “South Dakota cannot ‘take advantage’ of its own failures to comply with scientific facts and safety, which can deny a blanket of rights to rapid testing.” Is one of the rates. ”His example gives South Dakotons a significant incentive not to wear a mask, the judge wrote. “South Dakota is now a very dangerous place to live due to the spread of COVID-19.”

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