9 299 c Cool’s Quest 2 VR headset shipping starts today

Facebook’s new virtual reality headset CQulus Quest 2 has started shipping today. Quest 2 is a cheaper, improved version of the original 2019 Quest. It’s got the same antitheral standalone design, but the new chipset and screen resolution and controller are a big bump in battery life. And that support is starting at 9,299 for the 64GB model and 9,399 for the 256GB version, which is a drop 100 drop from the original Quest.

Quest 2 Predecessors has been open since September, and is available through Oculus ‘own site and stores such as Best Buy and Wal-Walmart, with a full list of retailers in Oculus’ advertising post. The original Quest was hard to buy in many parts of last week, thanks to persistent supply problems, but Quest 2 still appears in large quantities in stock.

As we wrote in September, Quest 2 fixes some of Quest’s biggest drawbacks, especially its weight and balance problems, unless you pay an extra $ 49 for an alternative headband. Oculus has also expanded its library since the inception of Original Quest, and has received a slate of upcoming games promising later this year. The only possible catch is that you’ll need a Facebook account – not just a separate Culus account to use it.

Quest 2 is replacing the original Quest, and starting next year, it will become Facebook’s only headset, as the third Rift S will be discontinued in the spring. The product still has some high-end competition, including the Valve Index and the upcoming HP Reverb G2. But if you buy a relatively cheap VR. Looking for someone who doesn’t need a PC, Quest is in a unique position – and now, it’s on sale.