5 triggered Dirt Bike tips and tricks you should know


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The Red Bull brand is closely associated with the most extreme world of sports.

His affinity and love for dirt bike racing can now be experienced mobile with the new racing game, Dirt bike unleashed. In it, you will try to lead your pilot to greatness as you face rival dirt racing competitors on various tracks. One minute, you will be speeding past three other runners. The next minute, you’ll be fighting for the number one spot during one-on-one racing challenges. With our Dirt bike unleashed guide of tips and tricks, you will not have problems to get the first place and compete to the fullest.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and tricks you should know for Dirt bike unleashed:

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1. The best way to get a perfect start

• Every time you start a race challenge, you will notice the speedometer on the right side of your driver. You’ll quickly learn the fact that getting the speed needle to drop right into the green section at the end of the countdown gives you a good kick start.

• To get this substantial boost most of the time, follow this method: touch the screen to start the countdown, but do not touch again until the number two appears. Once you see two appear, that’s when you should start tapping repeatedly on your screen. Touch as much as you can to land the needle on the green section and you should make it stay in that position by the time the countdown timer ends. Basically, don’t start speeding up your trip in three, start that action in two.

2. Master your jumps, landings and sliding maneuvers

Dirt bike unleashed

Red Bull

• Grabbing the top spot during all your running competitions can be difficult, but it is doable if you end up mastering the art of jumping, landing and sliding hard. When you hit those small jumps or much larger ramp jumps, it’s best to get as much air as possible before deciding to land.

• Getting the best boost possible should be your top priority here, which means it’s best if you press and hold the screen to land when your ride is as close to the ground as possible. When the time comes to perform a power slide, just hold down the screen until you get that perfect three-star rating. As soon as you see those three stars appear on your screen, release for a fraction of a second and then press and hold the screen to accelerate again for your further speed increase.

3. Always try to put yourself in first or second place during races

• When it comes to competing in basic racing tasks, you should always do your best to finish first or second. Placing below those two positions means you will lose the reputation point instead of earning them.

• Earning reputation points is a great advancement to earn new gifts along the reputation reward path, so do your best and make sure to always add new reputation points to your grand total instead of subtracting them. The rewards you’ll get from the reputation rewards path are plentiful – you’ll be out with cash-filled reward boxes and KTM points, pick up random stacks of cash, earn gold, and unlock mentors who will give you new cheats and additional stat boosts.

4. Make the appropriate updates before taking on challenges

Dirt bike unleashed

Red Bull

• Facing challenges means you will have to compete with rival racers who are generally one step above you. This means that you need to rack up a ton of cash by winning basic races and reward boxes to upgrade your current journey to a respectable level. The four parts of your journey that you can upgrade are your engine, tires, suspension, and transmission. However, you will need tokens to level up your journey and upgrade all its parts simultaneously. In the event that cash is used to make updates, you will need to ensure that they are all updated uniformly. That means that once you upgrade a part of the bike, you save enough money to be able to go ahead with the upgrade and buy it. You should also consider your unlocked mentors before launching into a one-on-one career challenge.

• Depending on the track you will be racing on, you will need the proper mentor stat boots that will give you a slight edge over the competition. For example, taking on a challenge at Casey’s Bane (which has a lot of big jumps) means that it’s better to have Glenn or Manuel as a mentor. Any one of these mentors can give your rider a suspension boost that maintains your bike’s speed upon landing. Speaking of the level of difficulty of the terrain of each track, this is how they are classified from easiest to most difficult: desert, forest, swamp.

5. Keep a close eye on the progress of your team’s missions

• Once you unlock the opportunity to line up with a team, take a look at the timed missions you are asked to complete. Every time you log in, you must make completing each level of the team’s missions one of your main goals.

• Try to complete at least three levels on your team’s quest board every day so you can walk away with plenty of cash and reward box items. Completing missions is the best way to unlock the necessary currency to improve your trips and have many other useful things in your hands. Those cash boosts and reward box technology come to you more often when you regularly accomplish your team’s missions on the dashboards.

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