5 tips and tricks of the idle mafia you need to know


Official Trailer – Idle Mafia⚠️ Idle Mafia ⚠️ Idle Mafia is a new game for mobile devices in which you build the strongest mafia empire that has ever existed. Recruit loyal bosses to join your gang 👥, run businesses to generate income 💰, and take control of entire cities 🏙️ Do you have what it takes to become the next Godfather? Coming soon to iOS App Stores and Google Play Stores near you. Discord: https://discord.gg/XGKzSfP Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idlemafia/2020-03-18T05: 02: 52.000Z

Idle Mafia asks you to take over each region of the city with an iron fist (animated).

His rise to power involves everything to do with becoming a mob boss: taking over companies through bribes or by force, making illegal profits by putting those companies to work, and getting fellow bosses so they can take over these companies and fight for their cause. Idle Mafia It gives you a ton of homework to complete and lots of responsibilities to handle, which means you’ll need all the advice you can if you want to stay on top of the criminal ladder. We’ve spent a long time making our criminal empire crumble, so we’re here to give some wise advice to up-and-coming gangsters.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and tricks you should know for Idle Mafia:

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1. Never spend your money to unlock a new building: FIGHT FOR IT!

Idle Mafia Mobile Game FunPlus


• During the first two ranges of players of your time dedicated to Idle MafiaYou will be forced to buy new buildings with your “hard earned” cash. After those ranks of players pass, you will be able to add various capos to your roster, which are used as contracted weapons that fight rival gangs for you.

• Once you’ve accumulated a good amount of bonnets, you should always rely on their combo muscle to unlock new buildings for you. Your winnings should only be used to upgrade your buildings (you can level up each one much faster by choosing the MAX option, by the way). Just make sure to regularly level / rank your bosses so they are strong enough to take on the gangs that rule every building you are trying to control.

• Also, keep these battle benefits in mind when hosting a capo party:

Shape– Add three kingpins from the same country for more health and damage (+ 5 percent)
Division– Add three capos from the same country and two capos from another country for more health and damage (+ 10 percent)
Convergence: Add four kingpins from the same country for more health and damage (+ 15 percent)
Unit– Add five kingpins from the same country for more health and damage (+ 20 percent)

2. Make sure each building has a level Bonnet attached

Idle Mafia Mobile Game FunPlus


• Improved bonnets are also useful as they can be connected to a building to automatically earn money from your business and multiply your income. Once you have connected one of your capos to a building, be sure to focus on updating that capo more than those currently not assigned to a building.

• Your increased stats will not only make you more viable in battles, but your income multiplier will also grow and make even more money for you over time. A bonnet placed next to a building must be at the level required to take advantage of that building’s automatic option (by the way, which helps accumulate business profits much faster). And when you win the same type of capo card, that copy will go toward increasing the star level and stats for the main one you’ve already unlocked.

3. Take advantage of the fight tab to collect tons of cigarettes

• To improve your loyal bosses, you should have cigarettes in your hands. This type of upgrade item can now be obtained by completing regular quests. But you will gather them on a regular basis simply by taking advantage of the options available in the Fight tab. First, be sure to climb the ladder of battles against rival gangs – winning these battles gives you access to more cigarettes. Make sure each capo slot is filled with a powerful character and always maintain its combined power rating in mines before choosing to start a battle. If yours is shorter than the enemies you are about to fight, go back to the start menu and update your bosses before trying to face them again.

• Second, be sure to use the Instant Fight option whenever it is available. Then wait once you’re done for it to completely refill (you don’t need to waste your diamonds instantly for the Instant Fight option to be available again). You will leave with a good amount of cigarettes just for doing it. And third, tap on the rewards tab to earn free cigars earned while away. For each capo you have in your army, an increase in idle gain time of 0.5 is added to the total amount of inactive gain time. Just be sure to pick up your reward cigars once you have reached your MAX time limit.

4. This is the only safe and purchase item you should spend your diamonds on.

• Like most mobile games, diamonds are known as the premium currency of Idle Mafia. Since it is rare when you have them in your hands (they can be earned by completing a mission and unlocking a new street), you must earn as much as you can to make a very important purchase. And that purchase belongs to Mystery Safe.

• Please note that you will be able to obtain the key required to open this safe for free by simply earning them by completing one or two missions. But those quest completion rewards are very few and far between. So when you’ve saved enough diamonds to make a single Mystery Safe purchase, go ahead and do it. To earn 1K + diamonds, you’ll need to spend a few real-world dollars for that to happen. If you only want to play Idle Mafia Free, it takes forever to accumulate 1K diamonds for free. So take your time to win 100 of them so you can spend them earning a guaranteed epic or legendary boss. Don’t forget to pick up your safe for free, as this item unlock will be available every three hours.

5. Once you unlock the video booster, push it to its maximum limit daily

• Once you gain access to your own personal office, the main tab that you should pay close attention to is the Video Boost option. Every time the meter linked to that boost is empty, be sure to watch the necessary amount of videos needed to fill it up completely. The x2 Cash Income you’ll get from this Video Boost capability is worth all the hassle of video ad viewing as it exponentially increases your profit consumption for several hours.

• Also, never spend your diamonds tripling your winnings every time you log in again to get the winnings you accumulated while away. Always stick to the video ad display option to double your earnings. While that double income multiplier might be lower than the triple size option, your diamonds are too precious and should not be wasted on that option. Viewing video ads is useful once again in this case!

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