5 Kartrider Rush + Tips and tricks you should know


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Don’t make the mistake of labeling Kartrider Rush + like nothing more than a brainy mobile kart racer.

While it may seem cheesy and just as adorable, Nexon’s mobile kart racer may be on the podium right next to legitimate console / mobile kart racers of this type. If you feel the need for speed and want to get closer to the mobile competition on your phone / tablet, then Kartrider Rush + Plus it is definitely the game for you. This console-worthy kart racer comes packed with all kinds of racing challenges that let you use a collection of nifty vehicles, endearing characters, and friendly pets. If you are looking to enter first place regularly and make the most of Kartrider Rush + ‘s numerous ways, then you have come to the right place.

Here are the top 5 tips, tricks, and tricks you should know for Kartrider Rush +:

Download the Kartrider Rush + APK here.

1. Enter boot camp to improve your skills and finish each license test to compete at a higher level

• As soon as your mobile kart racing career starts in Kartrider Rush +, you will have to advance through a compulsory tutorial mode. Once you have finished everything there is to do about it, don’t head over to the game’s many playable modes just yet. You’ll still need to know the basics when it comes to racing your best, so take an extended trip to boot camp to improve your mastery on the road and learn the game’s various racing skills.

• Once you have learned everything there is to know, go back and try to complete one of the license tests. After passing a single type of test, you will be granted the license associated with that series of challenges and will be able to compete in new multiplayer Speed ​​Race channels. Spend an entire week winning Speed ​​Race competitions and all four license tests to be able to compete at the highest level in no time.

2. Consider your kart, racer and pet combination before each race

Kartrider Rush Plus

NEXON Company

• What makes this mobile kart racer stand out is the fact that each kart, racer and pet comes with their own attributes that make them much more preferable in certain racing scenarios. Before deciding to enter one of Kartrider Rush + ‘s Varied types of race, take a look at their kart, racer and pet combo to see if they are suitable for the challenge. Their karts come in two varieties: Speed ​​Race and Item. For example, the Marathon car is ideal for basic racing, while the Skelemech is one of the best cars to use during object racing. Be sure to take advantage of the cars in your collection that can only be used for a limited time; Before his temporary status increases, put his attributes to work and earn as many gifts as you can with his help. Pour all your updates on your permanent trips when that option finally unlocks, by the way.

• Now let’s look at the issue of runners and pets. Slugger Dao provides a 5 percent increase in EXP earned and Lucci after competing in a race, plus it increases the duration of his multiple boost by one point. He is a great character to use in all kinds of racing challenges and is especially useful during Infini Boost competitions. A pet like Bitty Husky gives you a 25 percent chance of immunity to normal missiles, making choosing it a smart choice for an Object Race. Runners and pets are also given to you for a limited time in some cases, so be sure to take advantage of their useful attributes before time runs out.

3. Boost your heart’s content!

NEXON Company

• The key to winning each type of race in Kartrider Rush + It is a constant impulse. There is the turbo booster that appears at the end of the countdown at the beginning of a race. You can gain a blue flame nitro boost just by performing a clean drift maneuver. And you can get a boost from the red nitro card by successfully bypassing and filling the yellow meter at the bottom of your screen.

• You will have to become a drifting professional if you want to have any chance of getting first place on a regular basis. Don’t forget to repeatedly touch the screen for long straights before a turn; That way you can get a quick boost and push yourself into an even faster drift when a turn finally comes.

4. Become sociable by joining a club and making friends so you can earn even more rewards

• The key to earning an extra portion of Kartrider Rush + ‘s many coins are becoming friendlier to the massive gaming community. After unlocking the Social tab, be sure to add as many friends as possible, make some of them your best friends, and also enter the Mentoring program when the opportunity arises.

• There are some missions associated with the social system, so be sure to add a group of active friends to your friends list so that you can always meet those daily social achievements. Join a Club once the feature is unlocked so you can earn a daily reward and collect Club Quests K-Coins and Team Medals. As for the Home feature, visit other people’s houses to complete one of the daily quests and play one of the mode mini-games from time to time to win even more awesome stuff.

5. This daily gaming session regiment will produce the best rewards

Kartrider Rush Plus

NEXON Company

• There is a lot to do once you start a new daily session on this mobile corridor. Leveling up your player level to unlock all modes should be one of your top priorities at first. Completing races in Story mode and earning each star for a single chapter is one of the fastest ways to earn a ton of EXP and level up pretty quickly. You must get used to always completing all your daily missions within the Missions tab; Fulfilling them daily helps you earn EXP, Lucci, and additional season points (this type of currency allows you to upgrade your pass and earn better rewards during a single season).

• Be sure to take a trip to the Events section on the right hand side of the main menu to see what Daily Events achievements you must complete: Monday to Friday / Weekend events and Elite Daily Training events can usually be occupied during a single Game Session. The other daily events can be gradually completed if you play on a regular basis, which will push you even closer to finally completing them and earning your valuable rewards.

• Do you see that blue star tab on the left side of the main menu? Click on that every day so you can learn about the current program you’re participating in and make sure you complete the challenges associated with each day. The rewards you get from completing them are great, plus the eight-day reward for completing boot camp is even better. And like most mobile games, simply logging in every day will give you some super beneficial items.

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