5 Greatest Brandy and Monica Moments

It’s time for Brandy and Monica to reach out to Mike. The latest Verzus face-off on Instagram Live will star two R&B icons as they fight while singing its best hits. Brandi and Monica were once one of the hottest pairings in music with the release of their platinum No. 1 single “The Boy Is Mine”, but their rocky relationship ends before the song comes out.

This will be one for the Verzus war history books as these two legendary artists come together (virtually) to sing their heart out and squash the rest of the meat for good. In honor of the occasion, we take a look at some of the biggest moments in Brandy and Monica’s long-standing relationship.

Monica and Brandy
Performs on Monica and Brandy Good morning America In 2012 | Getty Images by Fred Lee / Walt Disney Television

Brandy and Monica’s first (and only) TV show of ‘The Boy Is Mine’

Brandy and Monica’s duet performance of “The Boy Is Mine” in the 1998 VMAs should be a memorable occasion. The song topped the charts, and Brandy and Monica were some of the biggest names in music. But not all were well behind the scenes.

Monica is reportedly angry after Brandy performed a hit on Tonight show Myself, and Brandi was upset that Monica was taking the title of the song for her new album. The two didn’t even see each other during the recording process, so this was their first visit since the couple’s performance when they came together to hit the billboards at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Rumors were rife that the two had come backstage at VMS, which Monica confirmed years later in 2012, when Angie Martinez of Hot 97 said she “put her hand” to Brandy at the awards show. On the same radio interview tour, Monica told WZMX that their flesh is less than pure hatred for each other and not sure how to handle around people they are both teenagers and they didn’t know. “We were young. We could hardly stay in the room with each other. It was not jealousy or envy in any way, ”he said. “He and I are polar opposites and instead of acknowledging that, we used our differences as reasons not to be between each other.”

‘The Boy Is Mine’ wins the Grammy

It’s a shame that “The Boy Is Mine” is so full of drama considering how successful the song was. When it reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it got something Beatle did, which is to jump from the top 20 to the first place. In less than two months, the single sold two million copies and was certified double platinum.

At the 1999 Grammys, “The Boy Is Mine” was nominated in three categories, including Record of the Year. The record of the year went to Lury Ren Hill for Best R&B Song for “My Heart Will On On”, the record for “Do Wop (That Talk”) was the Record of the Year, but Brandi and Monica won Best R&B by a pair or group. Gone with the performance. With vocal awards by the end of the night.

Brandy and Monica reunite for ‘The Boy Is Mine’

When Monica and Brandi began to break up their relationship in public in 2012, there was only one thing left to do to create a play behind their VMA performance of “The Boy Is Mine”: come together and perform together with friends, not enemies. The V103’s Soul Sessions in Atlanta brought the two divas together on stage for the first time in a decade, and their release of “The Boy Is Mine”, the second time the two sang together. To date, that performance is the last time the two have sung together.

Brandy and Monica’s temporary reunion

In 2012, Brandi and Monica came together to record a new song and both jumped into their solo careers. “It’s All Through Me” is an empowerment song for all women and those seeking to take responsibility in their lives and their relationships. The two promoted the song with a TV performance Tonight Show, Good Morning America, And Alive! With Kelly, And even stopped by radio shows like Breakfast Club Dish about everything. The two also had plans to travel together, but those plans passed quickly.

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Whitney beefing up on Houston’s birthday

“It’s all up to me,” mostly after squashing their flesh, then in 2016 when Brandy was asked to challenge “So Gone” based on Monica’s 2003 hit, a fan replied “Chile, bye” to their struggle. Monica addressed this comment RealSaying that he is now a bigger and better person who does not hold negativity. Brandi mocked his positive attitude on social media, calling it something more than a fake front.

The following year, both Brandi and Monica paid tribute to Whitney Houston late on their birthdays. Brandi had a close relationship with Houston (who acted with him) Cinderella), But her comments on the post were outraged by what Monica called “evil A ** fans”. She added, “I can post a lot about the hateful things he tells me … but I’ll never have time for that.”

Last year, however, it seemed that the two began to rebuild their working relationship again, as they teamed up with artists like Ashanti and Carrie Hilson for the Fame It Forward concert tour of Living Nation. Now, just a few hours away from their long-awaited Verzuz battle, it could be the beginning of a new chapter in the Brandy and Monica story.