5 cool video conferencing tips to make meetings more fun and effective


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As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic pushes more companies to close their office doors and employees to work remotely, employees flock to video conferencing tools to collaborate with their teammates, maintaining Smooth in-person meetings.

COVID-19 has proven to be a “disruptive force” as it has caused almost all companies to reconsider how they handle interactions between their employees, supply chains and with their end customers, said Darrin Nelson, senior vice president of digital data and security business development for Sirius Computer Solutions, a channel partner based in San Antonio.

“Unexpectedly, almost all companies support a remote workforce by helping employees do their jobs and collaborate,” he said. “Many companies went from having about 80 percent of their face-to-face meetings, including travel, but in order to survive, they now have to figure out how to virtualize almost all of their commitments to keep their lights on.”

Unless you have a face-to-face meeting, a video meeting is the best way to gather a team and create the feeling of being in the same room, despite being miles away. Here are five video conferencing tips, tricks, and etiquette for a successful video meeting during this unprecedented time.

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