5 bold predictions for the Buffalo Bills defense in 2020

The upcoming Buffalo Bills season has a lot to do with the offense. What will Josh Allen look like? Will Stefon Diggs be an impact generator?

But despite all his successes in recent memory, the Bills defense has to make a living year after year. A defense in the top three will not just go to the team.

It will be a long way to get there and potentially an AFC East crown. Let’s make some guesses on how it might be reduced.

Here are five bold predictions for the Bills’ defense in 2020:

Levi Wallace starts multiple games

The No. 2 cornerback job for the Bills will be for someone. That training camp battle will be a highlight time to search. The apparently favorite to win the job is Josh Norman. But let’s predict something a little different: incumbent Levi Wallace sees multiple starts in 2020.

Norman was previously on an All-Pro level with Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott when he was the Panthers’ defensive coordinator. But Wallace wasn’t too bad last season, either. He defended nine passes and scored his first two interceptions in his career. And while Pro Football Focus is not the end, last year it was the 41st corner in the entire NFL. That’s pretty good for a 32-team league.

Now does that mean he will beat Norman? Maybe not. But for several reasons, Wallace could, at a minimum, make multiple starts. At 32, has Norman missed a step? It was a different defense than he played with the Redskins in recent seasons, but Norman was sent to the bench several times during his stay in Washington. In addition, health must be taken into account. Norman has been relatively healthy in his career and we never wish for injury, but age also comes into play there.