3 epidemic stocks that can make you rich

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

When Winston Churchill adopted that memorable attitude, World War II was the crisis he had in mind. But sentiment still prevails today amid the current crisis – the COVID-19 epidemic.

Many companies have risen to the challenge posed by this global health disaster. Those who have invested in these companies earlier this year have already received significant returns. But these three epidemic stocks still have a lot of growth potential.

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1. Novavax

In terms of stock performance, Novav ax x (Nasdaq: NVX) The coronavirus vaccine is by far the biggest winning question among membership leaders. Biotech stocks have skyrocketed by more than 2,700% to date – and could be much higher.

Currently, there are only 10 Covid-19 vaccine candidates in late-stage testing, five of whom are U.S. There are potential contenders in the market. Novavax’s NVX-Covey 2373 is one of them. The company has already begun Phase 3 clinical studies of the experimental vaccine in the UK and hopes to reach the U.S. soon.

Novavax has signed vaccine supply deals with the US and the UK, and has reached an in-principle agreement with the Government of Canada. If NVX-Covey 2373 wins regulatory approvals or authorizations, the company is likely to make billions of dollars.

But the hopes of the NovavX are not just riding on the NVX-CoV2373. Biotech is moving ahead with its flu vaccine candidate, Nanoflu, plans to file for FDA approval, which is also likely to generate blockchain sales. In addition, Novavax is exploring a combination of NVX-CoV2373 and NanoFlu as a COVID-19 / flu vaccine for post-epidemic use.

2. Teledock Health

Many Americans were using telehealth services for the first time during the COVID-19 epidemic. Two surveys conducted by Pronunciation And Harris Paul suggests that telehealth will remain popular even after the epidemic is over. That’s very good news Teladok Health (NYSE: TDOC).

Teledok’s stock has risen 170% so far in 2020, driven by its growing revenue and user base.

Expect much more growth in the near future. Teladoc is in the middle of acquiring Livongo Health (Nasdaq: LVGO), A deal that will put people at the forefront of providing virtual care to help people manage chronic conditions. The transaction, which is expected to close later this year, should make Teladok more attractive to customers who want to reduce their health care costs.

Teladoc management thinks that once Liwango’s services result in an equation, its address market alone in the U.S. In total there will be 1 121 billion. Granted, it does not have a telehealth market and will not. However, it is the biggest player in telehealth services and will only increase its lead with the acquisition of Livongo. Teladok’s opportunities in virtual care should make this stock a bigger winner in a decade than it was a year ago.

3. Abbott Labs

Most stocks will never rise in price, as Novavax and Teladok have only recently. However, if you are looking for an epidemic stock that can make you a lot of money in the long run, Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) Your partner should be up.

Abbott’s shares are “only” up 24% so far this year. However, the company is poised to enter a new phase of strong growth. One big reason is that Abbott has emerged as a leader in COVID-19 diagnostic testing. It has received FDA emergency use authorization for six COVID-19 tests. Its Binacnov Covid-19 Antigen Card Diagnostic can replace the coronavirus test market by delivering results in as little as મિનિટ 5 per test in 15 minutes.

Of course, Abbott also markets many other products. In particular, its Freestyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device is already a big winner globally with diabetes patients, and is on sale thanks to the introduction of a new version.

Another way Abbott can help make investors richer is with its dividends. Abbott has paid quarterly dividends since 1924 and has increased annual payments for 48 consecutive years. Yet another dividend surplus is likely in the near future.