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Tony Hussey, former CEO of Zappos, built his company’s culture around customer service and made sure it survived Amazon’s takeover. Here are the 6 best quotes from his memo announcing the deal

Ethan Miller / Getty Early Zappos investor and former CEO Tony Hsih died on Friday. Hussey, who runs an online shoe seller, set up a bar for customer service, helping his employees send flowers and cards to customers, call with them for hours, help order pizza, and especially deliver expensive …

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Chinese official shows fake graphic photo of Australian soldier

Wellington, New Zealand – Australia The Prime Minister of Australia said on Monday that a tweet by a Chinese official showing a fake image of an Australian Australian soldier cutting off a child’s throat was “really defamatory” and deserved an apology. China has said it will not apologize. The incident …

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Meteor captured on camera in Japan “as bright as a full moon”

A bright burning Meteor Large areas of Japan were seen sinking from the sky, drawing attention on television and social media. On Sunday, the meteor, which was rapidly descending from the Earth’s atmosphere, caused a huge flash of lightning. Many people in western Japan reported seeing rare sightings on social …

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