18 Texas family members diagnosed with COVID-19 after birthday party

A North Texas family is struggling with a health crisis they never expected to face together after 18 members were infected with the coronavirus.

The family believes that it all started on May 30, when a relative who did not know he was infected, interacted with several others at a surprise birthday party.

Those family members transmitted the virus to 10 other relatives, including two high-risk elders.

Ron Barbosa, who is married to a doctor, said that he and his wife did not go to the party because they were concerned about the virus. Now, he says he can only talk on the phone to his 80-year-old mother and father.

“That was the best medicine, you know. They are there alone, without family and you know, it is heartbreaking,” said Barbos.

Along with the grandparents, two young children and Barbosa’s sister, who is battling breast cancer, were infected.

It seems that most of the family will recover, but the family patriarchs remain in the hospital.


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