18 members of Yale’s men’s ice hockey team have tested positive for the Covid-19

Collectively, the cluster has raised the school’s Covid-19 warning status to green, noting a “low risk” in yellow, indicating a “low to moderate risk of viral transmission.”

The university community was informed on Tuesday that six members of the varsity athletic team had tested positive for the virus. In the last two days, 12 additional positive cases have been found, Ivy League School confirmed to CNN.

U.S.  Has reached 8 million covid-19 cases, and the pace of new infections marks an extreme winter

“Other members of the men’s ice hockey team in the New Haven area, as well as athletics staff who have worked directly with them, have been instructed to quarantine and participate in a university testing program. Have close contact with infected team members. Stephanie Spangler, vice provost for health affairs and educational integration, said in a letter to the Yale community on Thursday evening.

Spangler told students that “rigorous” contact tracing efforts are underway to identify other individuals in contact with athletes, and said all university athletic teams and intramural programs will close individual activities for a week.

The school hockey rink will also be closed for cleaning until Monday, October 19th.

Ice hockey rinks can enable cam transmission

U.S. The announcement comes a day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly report suggested that indoor sports could turn into sports superstar events.

In the report, Florida health department officials detailed an incident in which a player infected 14 other people in the same indoor ice hockey game last spring.

The researchers noted in the report that ice hockey involves heavy breathing and intense physical exertion with constant contact between players during the game.

After most of the ice hockey players in the Florida game became infected with Covid-19, potential indoor sports superstars events, the CDC says.

“The ice rink provides a place that is probably most suitable for an Covid-1 transmission as an indoor environment where breathing is deep, and individuals are close to each other,” he says.

“Indoor space and ga contact between players during a game of hockey increases the risk of infection for players, especially with the ongoing community covid-1 transmission transmission,” the study concludes.

“The ice rink provides a place that is probably most suitable for COVID-1 transmission as an environment inside CO where breathing is deep, and individuals are close to each other,” they said.