134 Iowa-based GoDaddy employees affected by restructuring

HIAWATHA, Iowa (KCRG) – An Internet domain registration and web hosting service said Wednesday that it has implemented a restructuring that impacts hundreds of employees in response to a changing business environment.

GoDaddy, Inc. said that due to difficulties with its outgoing sales unit in the United States, 814 employees were leaving, relocating, or transitioning to other roles within the company. Of those, 134 of those jobs are at their Hiawatha-based facility. The company said it would be offered the opportunity to move to a consolidated sales center in Gilbert, Arizona, with some eligible to move from the outgoing to the incoming business unit.

Those who leave the company will receive a paid administrative license immediately until September 1. Compensation packages after that date will provide two weeks of pay for each full year of service for those who qualify for four weeks.

Health care benefits will run through September 30, and the company will cover COBRA premiums for affected employees electively through December 31.

The company cited slower demand for “do it for you” services that have higher costs and an overall decrease in sales of outgoing calls to its customers.

The company will take a $ 15 million pretax charge on its financial reporting for compensation costs and benefits, but does not expect an impact on its overall revenue trajectory due to strength in other units.

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