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By understanding the map, gaining bonus points, driving hard using vehicles to your advantage, and completing side activities like Dragon Relic, we’ve got you covered in our complete guide to succeeding in the latest zombie mode, outbreak.

Quick tips and tricks

  • Look at the star icon on your map because it shows your main objective – which can be one of the five possible objectives. Without completing the main objective, you will not be able to move on to the next area.
  • It’s easy to be a guard in an outbreak, so make full use of your available field upgrades. While this set of special abilities is available on offer fur, we got Healing ura ra Tier III – especially when you upgrade to its different levels – your team will have the necessary capabilities. It will resurrect any fallen comrades, but it will also heal you.

  • Ammunition low? Look at the bullet icons that appear on your mini-map to find emmo crates around the map.
  • Don’t be afraid to spice things up! Teams with different loadouts have proven to be more successful than others using the same weapons, loadouts and field upgrades.

  • Don’t underestimate any Struggler zombies, as often as you do, a zombie you choose to leave alive when you’re exploring a nearby building or choosing a pack-a-punch or an arsenal machine. As these lone zombies manage to reunite with a swarm, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to grab a guard and swarm quickly.

Melee zombies during the initial difficulty levels for bonus points


Like the massive zombies mode, the outbreak gives the zombies extra points to melee; While that’s not a big bonus, any additional issues will help you unlock the upgrades quickly when you first start.

Keep in mind that knitting a zombie doesn’t necessarily mean that the last difficulty is two effective strategies, unless you have earned enough points to justify a pack-a-punching of a green rear combat knife or more. While you will be able to manage most enemies with upgrades, you struggle against elite and special zombies, which often happens.

Alternatively, if you want to use a weapon, try to aim for a headshot as this will also earn you extra points.

Teamwork creates dream work

Success in outbreaks all comes down to teamwork. Without communication, your team will quickly overflow, and it will be significantly more difficult than they need to accomplish objectives.So, if you’re playing with a random team or even a group of friends, make sure and start making coordinated calls which include asking for help, loot chests, side activities and more.

If you’re struggling to succeed with random teams when your friends n’t online, we recommend sticking with a dedicated outbreak solo playlist. This will not only allow you to gain some essential practice, but it will also make your overall spread experience easier.

Loot everything possible

Don’t run around in different worlds, as you will have a huge advantage in sticking around and looting different areas that are furred by each map. As you begin to explore each map, this will become increasingly clear, as you begin to find loot chests hidden inside buildings and other random locations, including everything from rare weapons, defenses, barrages, armor, and consumables. .While these booty chests aren’t marked on your mini-map, it can be detected by hearing a swaying sound, then a childish laugh. If you are able to hear this sound, it indicates that the robbery chest can be found somewhere nearby.

These chests come in different rare layers, however, so don’t be surprised if you need to do a little research before the rare layer chests come out.

Buy Armor as soon as possible

As you begin to open more and more loot boxes, you will quickly begin to increase the impressive collection instead of saving. You may want to make full use of this scrap by purchasing armor from arsenal machines that can be found on the map.

The machines are red and gray in color and have plenty of armored standing facilities. As you progress through the waves and different regions, the game will begin to grow significantly in difficulty, and armor is essential if you plan to survive.

Armor is not the only upgrade you can buy, as you can also purchase weapons damage, which we found to be more powerful than your weapons p pack-a-punching. While armor should always be your top priority, once you get enough points to stay, we recommend repairing your weapon damage.

Vehicles are not just for traveling from point A to point B.

While vehicles like sedans and light trucks will make it much easier to navigate large maps of outbreaks, they are also very useful for driving hordes of zombies. Although it will eventually get damaged over time, finding a new vehicle for you and your team shouldn’t be too much of a hassle as we’ve found that they appear frequently across different maps.Also, if you kill at least 100 zombies with your vehicle, you can complete the Dark Ps challenge. If you complete all nine challenges, you’ll unlock a unique “Gray Matter” Epic Sniper Rifle Blueprint.

For more details on how to unlock each of the 9 Dark Ops challenges in Outbreak, check out our full guide below:

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